Thrills and Excitement in the Desert – Sports to Try in the Desert

The capital and second most populous city of the United Arab Emirates is the urban city of Abu Dhabi. Situated on a charming island on the Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi is one of the most developed metropolises in the world and serves as a centre of cultural, politica, industrial and financial activity. It also ranks among the most popular tourist destinations in world, owing to its many exciting cultural and recreational tourist attractions.
Being a Middle Eastern city, the terrain of Abu Dhabi consists of many deserts. However, the deserts is are just large tracts of land of no purpose, as the deserts of Abu Dhabi are now a hot location for some of the most thrilling and exciting sports offered by Abu Dhabi. Those looking forward to some adrenaline pumping sporting experience are sure going to love what the desert has in store!
One of the most popular activities of the deserts of Abu Dhabi is 4×4 driving. The thrill of speeding through the open desert in powerful 4×4 vehicles is sure to thrill any adrenaline and speed junkie. From 4×4 driving in the desert, another popular sport was born; dune bashing. Dune bashing is the act of driving your 4×4 at high speeds through the dunes of the desert, creating a massive explosion of sand. This is the ultimate thrill and it involves high speeds and an assured adrenaline rush! Dune buggying, or quad-biking, is also a great way to enjoy some excitement in the desert. Another exciting desert sport is sand skiing. Lovers of skiing can glide the smooth sands and dunes of the desert and pull off some super jumps over the gigantic dunes of the deserts. One can even go cycling through the deserts or even hot air ballooning, which will let you discover the desert like never before! So when you plan your trip to Abu Dhabi, make sure to plan a trip to the desert and engage in some of these thrilling sports!
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