Water Sports in Phuket – Thrills in the Surf

If you are looking to have a holiday that offers plenty of thrills and spills in the water and one that takes you on incredible journeys of discovery, then you will be hard pressed to find a better destination than Phuket. The island is known to offer a wide range of water sports and one can look to find Phuket luxury accommodation near the coast that lets you enjoy many of these activities. Set amidst the stunning beauty of Cape Yamu, Point Yamu by COMO is one such Phuket luxury resort and makes an ideal base for your adventures at sea.

One of the best and easiest water sports in Phuket that one can engage in is snorkelling. The waters around the island including sites such as Phang Nga Bay are home to thriving marine and coral life, offering you a chance to explore a fascinating world that lies beneath the waves. For more underwater excitement take up diving where one can get a more up close view of marine life including having encounters with barracudas, sharks and more. Those who want an adrenaline rush they won’t soon forget can try surfing, jet skiing and kite surfing, while sailing and deep sea fishing provide more laidback fun on the water.

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