Muay Thai: The Perfect Martial Art – The Art of Eight Limbs

Muay Thai is an ancient sport which has fast gained popularity and fame in the world of mixed martial arts for its raw simplicity, tremendous power, and maximum efficiency.

An Easy Sport to Learn

This particular combat sport is best known for its simple techniques which can be learned by both adults and children. In Thailand, the common practice is to enrol kids as young as five, so they can get a good head start in the art.

Highly Effective in Self- Defence

Muay Thai is among the few martial arts which have proven to be street certified through countless real-life encounters. Apart from strikes, the sport incorporates many throwing techniques, kicks and locks using the opponent’s momentum.

A Great Anaerobic and Aerobic Workout

The sport promotes a high level of toughness and fitness by providing aerobic workouts with exercises such as shadow boxing and running. Endurance is built through anaerobic exercises such as kicking and punching. With regular training, the sport will build up a practitioner’s dexterity, strength, and cardiovascular performance.

Strengthens Body, Mind, and Spirit

In addition to physical conditioning, the discipline of the mind through the effective control of feelings and emotions is promoted. Those interested in the sport can join one of the many Muay Thai workshops and camps hosted regularly by mixed martial arts school in Thailand. Accommodation can be found in many a Phuket resort including the likes of Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas.


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