Discovering Traditional Sports in Bhutan

Known for its awe-inspiring natural scenery and rich culture, Bhutan also has fascinating sporting traditions that are worth witnessing while on your stay. Finding a centrally located Bhutan hotel is always helpful and Uma Bhutan which features luxurious private villas is an ideal option. This Paro hotel looks out across the Paro Valley and makes a great base for your adventures. Those interested in local recreation should definitely try and witness archery, the country’s national sport. Traditional archery competitions generally take place in the villages and these events are usually marked with much singing, dancing and sharing of food. An interesting element of these competitions is the fact that opponents use a variety of techniques to try and distract the shooter! ‘Khuru’ which is a form of darts and ‘Digor’ which is a form of shot put are among the other traditional sports in Bhutan, while more modern recreational pursuits such as cricket and football are also gaining popularity.

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Diving in Caribbean – An Underwater Treat

For the ultimate underwater paradise delve into the magnificent Caribbean Ocean that boasts a treasure-trove of surprises. In the Caribbean islands, resorts are found in plenty. Being a popular holiday destination there are plenty of places waiting to pamper you and make you crave to come back for more. When it comes to the Turks and Caicos luxury resorts, the Parrot Cay Turks & Caicos is one name that comes to mind. These luxury resorts in the Caribbean are all the pampering you need to enjoy a remarkable time in the island.

The Caribbean islands have long been known as a spectacular holiday destination. Perhaps it is the sparkling blue ocean, breathtaking scenery or a combination of both, but this cluster of islands does wonders to your soul and is perfect to cleanse yourself from the year round stress of work.
Located on the vast expanses of the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean islands can easily be accessed from either USA or the UK. The many islands this nation boasts of come with its unique package of wonders. But what is even more astounding about the Caribbean is not simply the surface but what lies beneath it. The heart of the Caribbean beats pure beauty and one can admire this unmatched beauty by immersing oneself into the warm Caribbean Ocean. Scuba Diving has earned a reputation in this nation. Whether you are an amateur or a professional these waters offer you plenty of amazing spots to explore. Within the Caribbean Ocean, you find it all, from the colorful sponges to mighty whales and schools of exotic fish that boast an array of patterns and shades. There are also marine parks and lava flows, quite the jackpot for the underwater lover. Those of you interested in pushing a notch further, visit the ship wreck at Grenada which houses the intriguing remains of Bianca C. Y. There are so many spots to swim about under the Caribbean Ocean and the best part of all is that most of them are accessible year round. But for a truly fascinating underwater experience try diving into Bonaire or Curacao sometime between July and September as they offer some fantastic shore diving opportunity.

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Where to Shop in Phuket – Endless choices!

Phuket is a shopaholic’s paradise. When choosing your Phuket resort for accommodation, it is important to find it within easy access to the islands thriving shopping venues. Anantara Phuket Resort Thailand is a Phuket beach resort which is ideally located letting you make the most of your beach getaway to the island. Phuket has a wide array of shopping venues, ranging from luxury shopping complexes, department stores, branded designer shops to crowded night markets and small street shops. For a shopping fanatic, the choice of products available in these numerous shopping venues is endless and more than satisfying. Central Festival Phuket, Jungceylon Shopping Mall, Jim Thompson, Phuket Weekend Market, Phuket Old Town Handicraft Shops and Phuket Indy Market are some of the popular venues among the regular shoppers to the island.

Golf & Sport in Hua Hin – A holiday for energetic sports enthusiasts

Hua Hin is never a boring holiday destination as there are endless exciting things lined up for holidaymakers who are energetic. It is important to choose your accommodation from a range of luxury Hua Hin hotels available for a comfortable stay. Anantara Hua Hin Thailand Resort is one of the top beach hotels Hua Hin Thailand has in store for its visitors who are looking for a relaxed stay. Hua Hin is fast becoming a holiday destination with exciting sports. Among the many other sports like cycling, badminton, kiteboarding, tennis, football and horse riding, golf has become of the popular sporting activities among the travelers. There are several golf courses in Hua Hin and you can find hotels organizing golf tours as well as offering discounts to further encourage and spread the game in Hua Hin.

Umanga Kahandawaarachchi is a passionate travel writer who writes under the pen name, Maggie Tulliver. Her field of writing covers a wide array of content and articles related to travel and hospitality industry.