Catamaran Sailing in Maldives – Basking amidst the Sparkling Ocean

The stretch of endless Ocean happens to be Maldives’ most attractive feature. Spreading out for miles before your eyes, there is something so magical and inviting about this spectacular Sea. Maldives is made up of over 1000 tiny islands, each with its own treasure trove of wonders. Hop into a Catamaran and enjoy sailing over this bliss of blue and take a peek at the many wonders underneath the Maldivian Ocean as well. Sailing on a Catamaran is one of the most attractive ways that you can enjoy the Maldives.

Catamarans are readily available for hire in Male and other major tourist islands. It is a popular choice of boats as it combines tradition with luxury and adds a sense of unique thrill as you sail across the ocean. Catamarans usually come with a beautiful Salon where you can enjoy panoramic views of the endless vista before you. Its sundecks serve perfectly for relaxation under the warm and perfect Maldivian sun. Catamarans are very steady over shallow waters; perhaps that is another reason for its popularity in Maldives for the nation boasts some spectacular reefs; reefs that house a variety of different corals and colourful exotic varieties of fish. In a Catamaran, you can peek over and enjoy the lovely corals that dazzle before your eyes.

Hire a Catamaran with a crew certified as guides. With their help, you can stop at some remarkable islands and enjoy whatever you have a specific inclination for. Catamarans have often been the medium that channels a wide array of exciting activities; island hopping, diving and snorkelling are all interesting activities that you can indulge in while sailing on a catamaran. In some areas of the Ocean you can also catch a glimpse of some mighty whales and dolphins. Sailing on a Catamaran is certainly a worthwhile adventure.

Maldives and its picturesque beauty make it the perfect holiday. The best part about the nation is that the accommodation in Maldives mirrors the beauty that lies on the outside. For a Maldives resort that is truly one of a kind, choose the Anantara Dhigu Maldives and prepare to be fascinated beyond your wildest dreams.


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