Golf in Bali – Take your best shot on the green

When you are visiting Bali, there are most a variety of activities that you can choose to partake in, whether it is surfing, hiking, getting a massage and yes, even going golfing!

Golf in Bali

Image Credit: Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort

A brief intro to golf in Bali:

Many golf magazines around the world have consistently ranked Bali as one of the best-golfing destinations in the world. With a challenging yet utterly serene setting, the collection of brilliantly maintained fairways and testing greens makes it a golfer’s dream!

Where to play:

While it may vary based on preference, courses like the award-winning Bali National Golf Club and the Handara Golf & Resort in Bali are excellent choices amongst many Bali resorts. If you are on the southern coast of Bali, do check out the New Kuta Golf Club near the Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort as well!

Golf in Bali

What makes it special?

With the landscape being filled with a vista of mountains and forest, this tiny island paradise in the Indonesian archipelago holds many historical and simply delightful courses to play at.

What is the weather like?

Due to the tropical climate of the island, the weather tends to fluctuate but you may opt to play in the highlands of Bali to enjoy cool playing conditions throughout.

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