Samui Football Golf – Kicking Your Way Along The Greens!

Ever wondered what a hybrid of the sports of golf and football would be like? Well wonder no more because in Koh Samui the wonderful game known as football golf truly does exist. The place where one can try this sport is known as Samui Football Golf and can be found close to Chaweng Beach which is in actual fact an ideal place to find accommodation at a resort or hotel in Samui. Situated on Chaweng Beach’s northern end, Anantara Lawana, Koh Samui is one such Koh Samui resort and lets you experience the very best the region has to offer.

Make sure you plan a visit to Samui Football Golf where unique challenges await seasoned golfers and football enthusiasts alike. The concept may be simple, but the 18 hole, par 69 course does provide its fare share of hazards that require skill and planning. Game play is easy; a football is used instead of a golf ball, feet are used instead of golf clubs and the hole at the end of each course is adequately large enough! A great way to exercise and have fun at the same time, football golf requires all the driving and putting skills associated with golf, just with your feet.

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