Diving in Oman – The Finest Dive Sites

Oman is the world’s oldest independent Arab state, so there’s a lot of heritage to explore. In addition to history, Oman also has a range of marine wonders for budding divers to experience.

Daymaniyat Islands, Muscat

If you’re a fan of turtles then this is definitely the first dive-site you should consider. These are a selection of very rocky islands situated at the north end of Muscat, and are a notable nesting site for turtles. There are also lush coral reefs with plenty of captivating marine-life to explore.

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Bander Khayran Muscat

There’s a series of remarkable dive-sites located here, and is one of the best places to explore shipwrecks. Al Munassir is a three-hundred foot vessel that was sunk by the government to serve as an artificial reef, and is definitely a noteworthy attraction to explore.

Mirbat, Salalah

The secluded capital of southern Oman is one of the most beautiful places in the country, and therefore you won’t be surprised to discover many a beach resort in Salalah. Pretty much all of these resorts, such as Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara would offer diving related experiences. The small bay of Mirbat is probably the best dive-site Salalah has to offer.

Lima Rock, Musandam

This is one of the most enigmatic dive-sites since the ocean has eroded the rocky landscape to form a network of caves that are now inhabited by schools of various kinds of fish.