National Game of Bhutan – An Arrow through the Heart

The national game of Bhutan is actually archery, for those of you who didn’t know, and is taken very seriously in the country. Also referred to as ‘datse’ in the local language, this sport is practiced in every nook and cranny of the country. During your travels around Bhutan, you are like likely to come by archery fields or practice spaces no matter what city you happen to be travelling through, filled with masters of the sport honing their craft. The bows that are used in this country are made from different materials such as the more traditional wood as well as the more modern aluminum and carbon fibre materials. In places where archers are equipped with carbon fibre bows as opposed to the long-used wooden bows, the distance between the archer and target is made bigger. This is owing to the greater range that these modern bows lend the arrows.

Bhutan is a landlocked nation located in Asia’s south, which is bordered by India and China to the south and the north respectively. The region it is situated can be considered as forming part of the eastern end of the Himalayas mountain range and the climate in the northern part of the country is quite chilly as it experiences snowfall throughout the year. The rest of the country experiences a run of seasons and the corresponding weather changes that accompany them.Those planning on travelling the country will find that there is many a Bhutan luxury hotel for tourists to reside at such as those by the COMO Hotels & Resorts chain as well as several others. Some of these will undoubtedly provide archery and an outdoor activity that guests can engage in. So if you want to do as the Bhutanese do, and try out your skills as an archer on holiday, make sure to check into a hotel that offers this sport as part of its sports and activities offerings to guests.

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