The Superhero Factory in Bali – The Fantastic Facilities of this Incredible Gym

Bali is an incredible tourist destination with so much to offer, but one of the most overlooked yet overwhelmingly awesome attractions the island has to offer is The Superhero Factory.

What is it?

This place is a lot more than a gym, in addition to providing a range of facilities and classes for both children and adults to work on their fitness, the Superhero Factory even has things in place to help them overcome a range of more complicated obstacles such as fears and mental blocks.

The Climbing Wall

The gym’s climbing wall is a great way to work on your fitness while building your confidence and problem solving skills as well. It is bound to be strenuous, and you are guaranteed to feel so much better after you reach the top.

The Leap of Faith

This is one of the most iconic aspects of the Superhero Factory, and involves a 5m drop into a pit full of foam padding. If you’re staying at one of the Bali cliff resorts situated pretty close to the gym, such as Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort you should definitely think about experiencing this.

Green Wedge

This luminous slope with a steep incline allows you to practice running up walls. One has to run up the wedge, grab the bar, and then climb down the other end. If you conquer this, you’re bound to have some serious bragging rights.

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