Golf in Dubai – A Paradise for Golfers

Golfing is one of the main items on the agenda of a Golf lover visiting Dubai and one is bound to have an exhilarating time enjoying the game under its perfect weather conditions on immaculate green rolling grounds. When looking at the golfing history of Dubai, Majilis is recorded to be the first grass golf course in Dubai and also in the Middle East.

The vast spread of bare land is well made use of, having structured and perfectly created into some of the finest golfing courses in the world making Dubai a favourite destination amongst golfing enthusiasts. What started off as simple golf courses were developed into grounds portraying the height of professionalism and well manicured land to match those in Europe and the United States. The golfing industry has become a major lucrative business that professionals and world champions in golfing such as Tiger Woods has invested in building up his own state of the art golf course in Dubai. The golf courses in Dubai boast of luxury, rich heritage, a great sense of pride and are complete with all the facilities needed for the golfers including luscious golf clubs, equipments and attentive staff. The Dubai Classic Desert Tournament is one of the most prestigious golfing tournaments in Dubai and it’s start was way back in 1989 making it the first golfing tournament to be held in the Middle East. The Dubai Ladies Masters golfing tournament is dedicated to all lady golfers around the world ensuring that they too would not be missing out on the best in golf.

With luxury golf courses, world class shopping complexes, Dubai hotel venues and entertainment venues in place, Dubai is an attractive tourist hub. Deira is an area in Dubai city which houses important landmarks such as the Clock Tower and Maktoum Bridge and luxurious Deira hotel Dubai complexes ensuring that a traveler to Dubai stays in comfort wherever they may be. With a wide range of accommodation arrangements such as Penthouses, Executive Suites, Deluxe Suites and Superior Rooms, the Copthorne Hotel Dubai excelling in hospitality, comfort and modern facilities is a perfect venue for travellers to Deira Dubai.


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