Water sports to try in Dubai – awaken your sporty spirit

Those long stretches of beaches are an unforgettable factor in Dubai. This Arabic city is well known for its wide variety of water sports.

Kite-surfing is one popular water sport among tourists. Learning it is not that hard. But you need to practise it a lot until you can claim mastery. If you can spare 20 hours for the practice, then you are close to mastery. You need to be a bit careful with kitesurfing more than any other water sports because it requires the observation of a supervisor. First, you need to get familiar with the kitesurfing kit.

Paddle boarding is another famous water sport you can try in Dubai. Courses are available too. The paddle board is relatively much easier. It is an ideal water sport which lets you relax over the water. Such an adrenaline-filled adventure – like in Dubai – is hard to find elsewhere, but still, it is very much enjoyable. Paddle boarding is an activity that boosts your health and fitness. But you need to be a swimmer. If you cannot swim, you have to train yourself in swimming first before taking up paddle boarding. Only then you will be allowed to paddle board. Being able to swim makes engaging in this activity more safe for the participant.

Surfing is one of the most popular water sports in Dubai, and it is one of the most interesting things to do in Deira Dubai. On an average day when there are good waves, you will see a crowd of about 50 surfers. Although the islands and buildings established in the middle of the sea keep the waves at a bay, still there are spots where you can surf to your heart’s desire. The best thing about Dubai is that its waters remain calm almost throughout the years. And that provides you with a conducive environ for kayaking which is another popular sport here.

Dubai does have a lot of watersport activities on offer, but these are usually available close to the beach. If you have the need to stay at a city hotel, but don’t want to miss out on fun water-based activities as well, there’s no need to be disheartened. Choose a place such as AVANI Deira Dubai Hotel for example, which offers easy access to spots such as the Dubai Creek. Here you can engage in activities such as sailing, despite being landlocked.

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Sports in UAE – Stepping beyond the pool lounge

Although a nation that is known more for its deserts and sun, there is much to do in terms of sports in UAE. Not only does UAE, mainly Dubai, host a number of sporting events including Formula 1 races, but there are other engaging activities for you to indulge in during your stay at a luxury hotel Dubai. So, if you are growing tired of lounging by the pool and soaking the Middle Eastern Sun, get yourself out there and try your hand at a few of these activities.

Considering the deserts and the overall temperature, you would think camel racing would be the biggest attraction here. On the contrary, it is horse riding and racing that takes a front seat in UAE. The Dubai World Cup is, in fact, the world’s richest horse racing competition. While you can take part in such competitions, if you are looking to trot on a mighty stallion, there are plenty of places including resorts such as Desert Palm PER AQUUM who have stables and regular lessons for the visitors. This, along with dune bashing and camel riding is one activity you should try in Dubai if you are a fan of new experiences.

In addition to horse riding, there are rather common sports like tennis, cricket, football, rugby, and golf available. In addition, you can also take part in mini polo competitions, ascend a rock on all fours with rock climbing, and even sail away on a dhow in the Indian Ocean. By far the most intriguing activity, though, is ice skating. Dubai, UAE, is one place where you can skate when there is no winter, as opposed to in the throes of winter. There are two large ice rinks in the country, though both require a prior reservation for activities.

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Cycling with Children in Dubai – A Way For Family To Crush The Candy

Lounging around in comfortable couches snacking on candy, each staring into tiny screens will not make the family holiday memorable. What will make it one of the best memories for both you and your kid is spending some family time together. Add an element of thrill to the mixture by opting for a family cycle ride, and your kids will be jumping up and down with eagerness. Dubai, a country that has a bit of everything, is one of the best places to have this experience.

If you staying at a luxury hotel in Dubai, such as Desert Palm PER AQUUM, they often have their own vast gardens and rent out cycles for the day. If not, you can try one of the many places dedicated to cycling: for the beginners, Dubai Autodrome opens up their 2km long loop for joggers and cyclists every Wednesday night; if you seek a picturesque view to motivate your pedalling, Al Quadra-Cycle Path is available, which winds itself through sand dunes and hillocks; add a bit of quirk to the ride by taking Nad AL Sheba Cycle Park, which used be a camel racing track; or breathe in the passion of fellow cyclists and joggers at Al Barsha Pond Park, where cyclists and joggers are assigned separate lanes – so there is no chance of your over-enthusiastic pre-teen knocking a walker down.

While cycling does indeed provide freedom, while improving fitness, it could be difficult for the parents to simply look on as their young ones fall, scrape, get cuts and dejected. But as with other things in life, cycling is a good place to start to let them stand on their own. After the first few falls, they would find their balance, and you – as a family – can stroll along the safe and picturesque tracks of Dubai, enjoying the feeling of being a family.

Fritzjames Stephen is a travel writer, who writes content based on the myriad of experiences and indulgences that the world has to offer travellers across all walks of life.


Water Sports in Dubai – Get the adrenalin surging through your veins.

Dubai is the second largest of the seven United Arab Emirates but it is the largest in terms of population. It is known for its futuristic architecture that includes some of the largest and the biggest constructions in the world. Dubai drew world’s amazement and wonder, first with the magnificent feat that was the Palm Jumeirah Hotel and then with the mega tall skyscraper Burj Khalifa. The luxury malls go hand in hand with the affluent lifestyle as do the swanky restaurants, top of the line theme parks and resort hotels like Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort.

Dubai is also home to endless miles of white sandy beaches. You will even find some beaches that are named after the sports they are most popular for, like Kitesurfing Beach, a long, smooth stretch of sand off Jumeirah Road. Dubai is constantly expanding its coastline and with it the water sports companies are moving in to offer more extreme sports. The Nasimi Watersports Festival has become an annual event with stand up paddle boarding, plus kitesurfing and ocean kayaking races. The lively event on Nasimi Beach even features music, food and kids activities.

The conventional activities like diving, surfing and fishing are still popular but Dubai has more to offer. ‘Flyboarding’ is an activity that has water jets mounted beneath a ‘flyboard’ that shoot you fifty feet above the water and let you spin, roll, hover and zoom in the air with a certified instructor guiding you step by step. There are a few variations like the Jetpack, FlyBike and Jet Blade Flyboard that offer a similar experience. A Jet Ski tour is a fantastic way to appreciate the city’s iconic coastline. If the open ocean does not suit your fancy, try the Aquaventure Waterpark with water slides, a one and a half kilometre artificial river and a wave pool.

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