Surfing in Weligama Bay – a surfer’s paradise

When one travels along the southern coastal belt of Sri Lanka, one would be greeted by the pristine coastline of Weligama, perfect for that much sought after beach vacation. Stay at Mosvold Villa known for its Galle luxury accommodation which will be a good base from where to venture out to the Weligama Bay for a day out in the sun and surf. Offering luxury villas in Galle, this hotel should be considered before you decide on enjoying yourself here in Weligama.

The soft white sandy beaches that greet you will only act as a prelude to what lies in store for you. Quench your appetite for adventure and have access to hours of fun-filled activity when you choose to head out across the calm waters of the bay on your surfboard. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a skilled surfer looking for your next big challenge, the Weligama Bay will prove to be a good companion. Well known for its gentle breakers that would not pose too much of a hurdle, the shallow waters would be the perfect destination to hone one’s skills. A good time to make your way to the bay would be in December which is the beginning of the season as not too many tourists can be expected.

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