Top Surf Spots Around Bali Resorts – When and Where to Rip it!

Located on the western end of the Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia is the island of Bali. Rich culture, history, ecology, scenic beauty, and overall serene ambience are some of Bali’s most notable features, which is why the island has repeatedly been synonymous with a tranquil and exciting getaway. If you are looking to find accommodation in a luxury Bali surf resort, do consider the luxury Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort.

Water sports are a huge deal in Bali, and surfing is one of the sports that is very popular. The waters around Bali are known for their great conditions for water sports and the tropical climate of the island makes for countless hours outdoors. Thus, it is no surprise that both tourists and locals alike have found a surfing paradise in the waters of Bali.

Bali has several great surf spots. These breaks are categorized into two groups based on their peak seasons, which generally depend of the rainy season – April to October constitutes the Dry Season, while the rest of the months make up the Wet Season. During the dry season one of the top surf spots is Kuta Reef; known for its awesome southern swelling 5ft waves. Another great dry season spot is Medei, which also has southern swelling 6ft waves. Airport Rights, with its classic right hand 6ft swells, is also quite a popular spot. Bingin and Canggu are good dry season spots too. But those of you who want some truly adrenaline pumping swells should check out the Impossibles and the Balangan; both of which are known for fast barreling 8ft waves! There aren’t many wet season surf spots, but you can definitely check out Nusa Dua; which generates some slick 8ft waves, and Sanur; which is known for its superb 6ft right handers. Apart from these spots, you also ought to check out Green Balls and Keramas. With all these great surf spots to conquer you can be assured that Bali gives you a great surfing experience!

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