Tanjung Benoa Water Sports Bali – Thrill on the beach

Many destinations in the East have risen to their glory in the recent past, among which Bali has managed to secure a special spot. The key attractions of Bali range from endless sandy beaches, cultural attractions to tourist activities such as water sports. One of the famous spots for water sports is Tanjung Benoa. Most water sports enthusiasts make it a point to pay this place a visit. Most visitors to Tanjung Benoa make a Bali Beach Resort Uluwatu their base as it is not located too far from all the hustle and bustle in the water. The water sports activities are open to visitors from 9.00 am to 2.30 pm as the sea water level in the area drops significantly after and engaging in such activities will be difficult.

There are various water sports activities available in Tanjung Benoa. Among them are the popular choices such as Jet ski, Parasailing, Sea walker and Flying Fish. The main reason for the popularity of the Tanjung beach is the calm waters, unlike Kuta which is known for its big waves. The water sports activities can be booked online or else most resorts in the area offer bookings through them. One such resort that has been highly recommended by past tourist is Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort. The staff at the water sports centers are well trained and qualified to ensure the maximum safety of clients. All equipment at the center is also internationally approved.

Some of the popular activities in the area are banana boat rides, which is a fun and thrilling experience. They are rides on inflatable boats that take the shape of bananas and are pulled around using speed boats. Another popular activity is the sea walker , the calm and pristine waters are home to a variety of biodiversity and offer a memorable underwater experience.

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