Visit the eco-paradise in Habarana – A hidden slice of paradise!

Sri Lanka is a diverse nation of breath-taking environs which change from rustic coasts to misty mountains and scrub jungles. The Hurulu Eco Park is one such attraction that you should not miss.

Hurulu Eco Park

The Habarana Hurulu Eco Park in Sri Lanka is well-known for its sheltering elephants and evergreen forests. To say the park will offer you sights of a large number of elephants on one safari is not an exaggeration, especially during the high season of August. The park covers a total land area of 10,000 hectares and the beautiful Hurulu Wewa runs through the jungle.

A sight to behold!
Although the park is home to many majestic mammals and a wide variety of birds, the most appealing creatures are the gentle jumbos. You’ll be able to spot one of the most eye-catching natural scenes. Many elephants can be viewed on the tank bed on any given evening and it’s amazing to enjoy how they drink water, eat and play around the tank.

Getting there
Those who wish to spot the majestic elephants and other exotic wildlife in the park can consider staying at a Habarana resort the likes of Cinnamon Lodge Habarana, from where visiting the park will only take 9 minutes.

All nature lovers prefer to visit this park because it consists of grasslands, teak plantations, colourful flowers and different species of native wild animals. Numerous herds of Sri Lankan elephants, Sri Lanka junglefowl, and Sri Lanka leopard are among the endangered species of the forest reserve.



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Water Sports to do in Sri Lanka

If you are all about splashing about in the water and riding the waves, Sri Lanka has much to offer! There are several beaches and even rivers in which you will find perfect for some adrenaline pumping water sports. If you are a beginner, there are trained professionals who are ready to help you have an enjoyable experience.

White Water Rafting

Image Credit - james3214 Via Pixabay

Image Credit – james3214 Via Pixabay

The best place for this sport is Kithulgala in Sri Lanka. The Kalani River located 90 km from Colombo offers grade 3 rapids. Therefore, these waters are suitable for not only veterans but beginners as well! The best time to visit would be from April to November.

Scuba Diving

Image Credit - joakant Via Pixabay

Image Credit – joakant Via Pixabay

The blue waters of Sri Lanka hold many types of beautiful marine creatures. Some of them being; rays, lionfish and nudibranch. A reef located off the coast of Mount Lavinia is one of the places that will leave you amazed! The period from October to May is the best time to scuba dive in the Southeast. If you’re a heading northeast, May to October is the period you ought to scuba dive there.


Image Credit - PublicDomainPictures Via Pixabay

Image Credit – PublicDomainPictures Via Pixabay

Take one of those sandy beach trips to Hikkaduwa, Weligama or Kirinda for some of the best snorkelling experiences. Get a glimpse of life under the Indian Ocean! Visit the Bar Reef which is considered to be Sri Lanka’s biggest one yet. The best time to go snorkelling would be in March, April and May.

Lagoon canoeing

Image Credit - CamboriuVisual Via Pixabay

Image Credit – CamboriuVisual Via Pixabay

With canals, lagoons, rivers, beaches and reservoirs, Unawatuna is the ideal location In Sri Lanka for all action water sports and activities like canoeing. The changing biodiversity only adds to the awesome experience here in the district of Galle. Make sure you are here during the period from November to May as this is the season for the best experience.

Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.


Water Sports in Mirissa – Aquatic Adventures

The journey to Sri Lanka’s south will take you through quaint coastal towns that are home to many beachside resorts and a hardworking fishing community.


Visit the famous Mirissa beach which lies in Sri Lanka’s extreme south and be blown away by its beautiful surroundings that can be enjoyed to your heart’s content from a Mirissa beach hotel the likes of Sri Sharavi Beach Villas. As many a Mirissa beach hotel and restaurant lie away from the beach, the crescent shaped Mirissa beach can be enjoyed in complete privacy.

Water Sports

Famous for its beaches, Sri Lanka is no stranger to those who prefer a good deal of fun in the waters. You can indulge in water sports in Mirissa including jet skiing, wake boarding, banana boat rides, snokelling among many others.

Deep Sea Fishing

This is becoming an increasingly popular sport along the southern coast of Sri Lanka. The months between November and April, after the south west monsoon is the best time to engage in the sport. Specially equipped boats can be rented from Mirissa.


Scuba divers find the sea off Mirissa has excellent visibility and interesting underwater topography of large boulders among which are large schools of fish. Encounters with blue whale, whale sharks and mantas have been recorded.

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Wind surfing Bentota, Sri Lanka

Tussling with the wind and waves

A tropical destination for all water sports enthusiasts, Sri Lanka is an island that is rich in natural beauty. Out of various spots perfect for water sports all along the coastline, holding a special place in hearts of Windsurfers is Bentota, a town a few minutes away from Kalutara. Hotels in the area specialize in supporting water sports, so you – a windsurfer at Bentota – would not be without support from the locale in pursuing your passion.

The island being in the tropics brings several advantages to the table. For one, you need not wear special clothing to counter the wind in the coastal areas. The wind in Sri Lankan coast is mild and refreshing. For another, the winds are suitable for surfing all year long, although the season is November to April for the Southern coast. Although the winds are mild, it is always advised to wear a thick coat of sun block, for the tropical Sun can wreak havoc on the skin if exposed for too long.

In addition to the perfect climate and wonderful waves, the island is ideal for windsurfing due to its ample centres of water sport that are internationally certified as well. Among these acclaimed centres are, of course, local-run small places. It is up to you to decide where you would want to go, and the price will be determined accordingly. However, compared to other countries that offer windsurfing, packages in Sri Lanka is highly affordable. There are plenty of places for you to enjoy a bit of street food on the beach after your turn. Or if you are looking for a relaxed, sophisticated experience, renowned hotels such as AVANI Kalutara are only a few minutes’ drive away – all ready to treat the wanderer who had wrestled with the wind.

Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.