Unusual Sports & Activities to Try in Singapore – Go Beyond the Norm!

Looking for something different to do in Singapore other than the usual sports and activities? Here are some rather “unusual” alternatives that offer plenty of fun experiences too.

Indoor Skydiving

You don’t have to jump 12,000 feet off the ground to enjoy skydiving; the same experience awaits indoors at iFly Singapore! Located at Sentosa’s Siloso Beachfront, within easy reach of Park Hotel Clarke Quay, it features one of the largest indoor skydiving wind tunnels in the world, providing a unique adventure for the whole family.

Stand up Paddling

SUP or stand up paddling combines elements of canoeing and surfing and is best enjoyed on tranquil waters; while it’s relatively easy, you get an excellent workout too! For those staying at Clarke Quay hotels, Singapore SUP rental locations at Sentosa can be easily reached and include the Tanjong Beach Club and Ola Beach Club.


Unicycle| Img by Wikimedia Commons

You may associate unicycles with circus performers, but this is a fun activity that anyone can try. While balancing on one-wheel may sound challenging, once you get the hang of it, there will be no stopping you. Singapore Unicyclists, a popular club, even hosts unicycle hockey which adds a whole new dimension!


What do you get when you combine elements from volleyball, football and gymnastics with lively music and an inflatable platform that has trampolines? Bossaball of course! Check out organisations like Bossaball Singapore which give you a chance to learn or witness this sport that is becoming a worldwide smash.