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Mastering Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand – The “Art of Eight Limbs”

Do you love martial arts or are you on the lookout for a new workout regime? If the answer is “yes”, then Muay Thai is a sport well worth learning! The great thing is, you could combine such an activity with a holiday to Phuket.

What is Muay Thai

First some background; known as the “art of eight limbs”, Muay Thai actually dates back to the 18th century and was used as a traditional form of martial arts. Today, it has become a combat sport with a huge following in Thailand with stadiums packed with locals cheering on contestants.

Supervised Training

As with learning any new sport, getting the proper training and guidance is a must and should not be substituted by YouTube videos! Due to the sport’s popularity, some Phuket resort properties including the likes of Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas offer personal Muay Thai training in their own kickboxing ring.

The Eight Points of Contact

To master Muay Thai, you need to learn to utilise the eight points of contact; to do this you have to incorporate your fists, elbows, knees and feet. The more combinations you learn the better you become at offence and defence.

The Complete Fighter

While learning Muay Thai in Phuket will most probably not be done in the hopes of beginning a career in the sport, the more you master it the better you will appreciate it. To do this, you will also need to engage in body conditioning and strength training which provide a complete workout that you can hopefully continue back home too.


Experience Muay Thai Boxing in Phuket – National Sport and Deadly Martial Art

One of Thailand’s famous exports is the martial art of Muay Thai. In a very short amount of time, Muay Thai went from a fairly obscure style to one of the most notoriously lethal forms of combat.


Muay Thai is currently one of the most popular martial arts in the world and, when combined with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, results in the most common iteration of MMA (mixed martial arts). Although the world only heard about it recently, Muay Thai is part of Thailand’s heritage.


It is believed that this form of combat was born out of the conflict that took place in the 15th century with the Burmese. The most historically famous Thai boxer is ‘Nai Khanom Tom’ who supposedly defeated nine Burmese fighters in single-combat in a fight for his freedom.

Boxing Matches

Muay Thai boxing matches are a matter of national pride, and are definitely something you should experience on a visit to Thailand. If you’re staying at many of the boutique hotels in Phuket with examples such as Anantara Layan Phuket Resort, there’s bound to be an event taking place nearby.

Reputed Stadiums

There are many places in Phuket to indulge in some quality Muay Thai tournaments, such as Patong Boxing Stadium. The most famous Muay Thai stadium in the nation however, will always be Lumpini Boxing Stadium.


Five on-course snacks to stay fit during golf rounds – Healthy treats for golf rounds

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Golf rounds can get pretty extensive, depending on the pace of http://Image Credit: The Els Club Malaysiayour partners and your general mood. Golf games can take a while to finish and if you’ve managed to last the entire game without eating anything, then bravo! However, if you’re like a majority of us, you will definitely need something to munch on while playing. Healthy snacks like the ones mentioned below will keep your tummy happy and full.

If you can survive till the end of the game though without any snacks, in Johor, golf courses usually have restaurants and cafeterias where you can sit down for a meal after an exhausting game, like the one at The Els Club Malaysia.

Garlic & Parmesan Edamame popcorn; this is high in protein and fiber and is packed in a small polythene bag. This is made of green soya beans, Parmesan cheese, garlic powder and olive oil. The green soya beans are baked and mixed with the ingredients to make this tasty light eat.

Roasted Chickpeas (sweet and hot); this is a spicy snack that pleases your eye as well as your taste buds. Chickpeas are a slow digest therefore it is guaranteed to keep you feeling full throughout your rounds. Made by baking chickpeas and seasoning it with chilli powder, sugar, smoked paprika, cumin and olive oil.

Apple Pie Spiced Wonton Chips; these are promising crispy treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. Made by adding apple pie spice, light brown sugar and a little bit of salt to wonton slices, the end product is finally baked for about 5 minutes.

Cucumber and cheese Sandwiches; these are little snacks, refreshing as it contains a great deal of water and is easy to toss into your mouth in between breaks. Made by spreading cheese filling (usually made out of herbed goat cheese and light cream cheese) with sliced up cucumber.

Lemon Hummus; made of intensely processed chickpeas and lemon juice. Hot sauce, olive oil and a little bit of salt will also be added for seasoning. This is high protein food thus is considered to boost energy levels during rounds.


Unexpected Benefits of Exercise – Sweating Makes You Smarter and Happier!


Unexpected Benefits of Exercise, Image Credit: First Class PT

A lot of people think exercise is important purely for the purpose of losing weight. There are, however, so many other reasons why we should all incorporate routine exercise into our daily or weekly schedules. One of most unexpected benefits of exercise is the improvement in self-image and ultimately, therefore, our self-confidence. Working out regularly helps keep our body fit and toned, and releases endorphins into our system, which helps combat depression and makes us happy. All these things combine to produce an individual who is proud about their appearance and physical aptitude and is in a positive state of mind. So the next time you are feeling down or negatively about yourself, start working out. It can be as simple as picking up a skipping rope in your backyard or a strenuous gym workout. It doesn’t matter. Whatever gets your heart rate up and your blood pumping will do the trick. If you don’t feel confident that you can keep yourself motivated all on your own, consider a signing up with some of the best personal trainers in Toronto for regulated workout sessions. Many of these personal training outfits such as First Class PT and similar others are happy to carry out sessions in the comfort of your own home. This makes exercise convenient and you are less likely to skip out on your workout sessions due to other commitments or because you feel like having a lazy day.

In addition to keeping you fit, healthy and happy, exercise, quite unexpectedly, also boosts your mental prowess. Studies have proven that cardiovascular workouts help create new brain cells – and we could all surely use more of those! The tougher the workout, the better, as it results in the creation of larger amounts of a particular protein whose production originates in the brain. This protein has been observed to improve cognitive ability with regards to processes like decision-making and learning new things. Exercise has also been shown to improve memory in children and adults alike. Working up a sweat has been linked to hippocampus development; the hippocampus is the part of the brain that determines learning and information retention capabilities.