The History of the Malaysian Grand Prix and the Sepang International Circuit – Racing Above the Straits of Malacca

Racing in this part of the world dates back to the time where Singapore was a constituent of the Malaysian Federation and promoted racing on the Thomas Road Circuit.

In Retrospect
During the tenure of office of Mahatir Mohammed, there were numerous projects and programmes to transform Malaysia in to a modern and stable economy as well as tourist hub. Thus, the Sepang International Circuit came in to being just before the new millennium. Many a Sepang hotel sprang up in its vicinity and close to the shore of the Malacca Straits to cater to the growing numbers.

The Straights and the Bends
Designed by Herman Tilke, a German who went on to carve a name for himself as a result of this project and several others in Shanghai, Marina Bay and Austin, the Sepang Circuit is not the conventional track one is accustomed to.

The Mega Events
Malaysia is no stranger to mega malls, mega hotels or mega events. With the likes of AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort not too far away, the Sepang Circuit was naturally well positioned to host the Malaysia Merdeka Endurance Race and the local Motor Cycle Grand Prix.

A Spectator’s Delight
Almost throughout the event, the spectators can witness what is going on as the venue is built in the form of a valley.

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