Guide to Stand Up Paddle Boarding – Conquer the Waters

Paddle boards have various sizes and shapes. The most common factor between them is they consist of fibreglass bound around an EPS foam core. If you have been under the impression that paddle boards and surfboards are similar, you are more likely to be wrong. The paddle board should be more solid than a normal surfboard.

Where can you practise the boarding? If you are staying at one of the 5 star hotels, Abu Dhabi has to offer that problem is almost solved. If you have your equipment ready, it is simply a matter of settling down in one of the 5 star hotels such as Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara. These 5 star hotels have a beach in the backyard, so paddle boarding is quite convenient.

A normal paddle board is around 12 feet long while 32 inches wide and five inches thick. If you are new to the game, then the best bet is to choose a more solid one that is longer, thicker and wider than the average. When you go for a more solid one, you will be at more advantage because you will feel stable on it. As you master the game gradually, you can then move onto a smaller board.

After board, comes the paddle. It comes in various forms such as aluminium, wood, carbon fibre and plastic. Before touching the paddle, you should remember this rule of thumb: the paddle should be at least six inches above your height. You need to size the paddle on its longer side when you are paddling on flat water. If you paddle over the surf, reach for the shorter side of the paddle. This is simply because the blade will be bent at the slightest angle to the shaft.

There is more to stand up paddle boarding, though you need to be familiar with the board and the paddle at the outset. Once you are familiar with them, the rest is much easier to follow.

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Water Sports Heaven – Abu Dhabi: Beating the Heat with Fun and Frolics

Water sports in a country that is in the Middle Eastern desert might sound strange to an untrained ear, but if you were to see the diversity of activities offered in Abu Dhabi, your doubts would vanish as fast as a novice on a banana boat. With all 5 Star Hotels in Abu Dhabi having infinity pools, and many of them offering a range of area activities, the place is becoming famous for the aquatic activities as much as for the gorgeous deserts.

A fun activity to try with friends is banana boat riding. While it may look nothing more than simply sitting on an inflated banana while being pulled by a jetski, the speed and the waves will make it feel like you are on the rodeo. It will be a fun activity to see who can ride the boat the longest. If you are one for team spirit and has upper body strength, dragon boats might be up your alley. It a long boat with a dragon’s head at the front that required twenty paddlers. Regular dragon boat excursions are organised near the beach. If you like surfing, but have not really mastered the art of staying balanced on a surfboard, Stand Up Paddleboarding could be the sport for you. This is offered by resorts like Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara. If this seems too mild for you, try flyboarding. Propelled by a pair of jet-boots, you will be shooting above the sea, like a cape-less Superman. If none of these catch your interest, you can try some of the usual activities like jet skiing, kayaking, kiteboarding, kneeboarding, rafting, sailing, snorkeling, speedboat rides, surfing, wake boarding, wake surfing, water polo, water skiing, and windsurfing. There is so much to do in Abu Dhabi that you need to make sure that your sunscreen is actually waterproof!

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