A Guide for Muay Thai Training for Beginners – Kick Boxing in Bangkok

Holidaying in Thailand offers you a world of new experiences. In addition to exploring the plethora of attractions adorning this city and pampering your taste buds with tantalizing Thai Cuisine, why not try your hand at Muay Thai boxing.

Choose the correct gym

You will find plenty of Muay Thai gyms offering courses for advanced players and beginners alike if you happen to live in an urban area. If you are visiting Thailand for a vacation you can base yourself in a place which has a Muay Thai boxing ring and expert instructors, one such place is Anantara Bophut Koh Samui Resort, which is a Koh Samui hotel resort.

Fitness & Conditioning

Those keen on taking on Muay Thai kickboxing as a sport are advised to read up on the practice to gain background knowledge before getting into the actual thing.

Fist Clenching and Hand Wraps

Among the first steps to master are fist clenching and the correct way to wrap hands. Correct fist clenching enables using them effectively, safely and increasing the power of the punch. Hand wrapping before putting on gloves is important to enable smooth and safe arm and fist movements.

Spar Often

The ultimate move in Muay Thai is sparring in perfection. For the beginner, it might take time to build the courage to spar and be sparred at, but this is the only way you can build your own technique and style and feel confident with it.