Fat Biking – A Way to Makes You Fitter and Better


Photo By Danny Miller, MonoLakeFatbike1-moser, CC BY 3.0

Biking is a great way to get around and is one of the healthiest means of transport that is easily accessible to anyone and everyone. Unfortunately, sometimes there can be many hindrances that prevent you from using an ordinary cycle as a means of transport, especially when it comes to snow. This is where over-sized monster-cycles known as fat-bikes come in. Fitted with larger tyres to tackle terrain that an ordinary bicycle will be unfit for, a fat-bike is taking certain parts of the world by storm. Even places in the Middle East such as the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara are utilising fat-bikes in Abu Dhabi excursions since they are able to tackle rocky-terrain as well as sandy-dessert.

Fat-biking became increasingly popular during 2014, and now top athletes around the world such as cycling champion Rebecca Rusch, are using it as a means to indulge in their favourite sport during harsh weather conditions. Given the additional weight associated with a fat-bike, it requires exponentially more effort to manoeuvre them. As a result of this, many cyclists find it far more effortless to ride a normal bike once conditions enable them to.

Due to harsh cold winters in certain regions, many would find themselves gaining weight over this season as it makes the usual options of physical activity almost impossible. Fat-biking provides a fun and ideal way to stay fit during the winter holiday seasons, and you’ll be burning more calories than riding a normal bicycle. Exercising in the cold has also been proven to utilise more calories as the body struggles to stay warm, a process that burns an additional amount of calories.

According to endurance racer Jack Wade, the fat-biking teaches how to ‘truly ride a bike’, and increases one’s level of braking, endurance and cornering. If you enjoy cycling and wish to take it up a notch, fat-biking is definitely something to consider.


An Unforgettable Experience with Desert Yoga -Enjoy Yoga against the Stunning Backdrop of Sand Dunes in the Liwa Desert

It is undeniable that the benefits of yoga are numerous. From physical benefits such as increased flexibility, muscle tone, contributing to a balanced metabolism, enhancing cardio health and improving energy as well as a myriad of mental benefits, yoga is an attractive option for those who lead fast-paced lives. As yoga poses include stretching and breathing exercises, it is an ideal workout to enhance mental stamina, reduce blood pressure and calm one’s mind. For those visiting the United Arab Emirates, opting to reside in a Liwa desert resort will allow them to experience desert yoga, a workout that promotes physical and mental tranquillity. Indeed, yoga sessions such as those offered by Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara add to the tranquil experience by situating such sessions against the stunning backdrop of the desert sands.
Desert yoga is best experienced in the early mornings and in the evenings for, during this time, the sun isn’t as hot, and the cool breeze provides a soothing environment conducive for yoga. In the mornings, one can begin their yoga poses and meditation techniques while observing the sun’s rays illuminate the gentle slopes of the desert. In the evenings, one can witness the sand dunes turning golden with the dying rays of the day’s sun. These panoramic views create the ideal ambiance and physical environment necessary for a memorable and unforgettable yoga experience.
Novice practitioners of yoga can opt for teachers or trainers who will be able to guide them through a number of poses and breathing techniques that are designed to release stress, reduce blood pressure and boost positive energy. It is, therefore, an ideal activity to engage in for those seeking solace and tranquillity away from their frenzied lives back home. Travellers will also carry back with them unforgettable memories of the sand dunes.

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