The Art of Muay Thai for Self-Defence – Prepared to Face the Unexpected

If you’re a fan of the Karate Kid movies or even the Kung Fu TV series, you know that martial arts are not all about offence, but providing an ideal means of self-defence too. This is also true for the traditional Thai martial arts known as Muay Thai.

Be Prepared

In today’s day and age, you never know when you will face a situation where self-defence will come in handy, be it against one person or many. Muay Thai equips you with the skills to defend and attack if needed if ever you or someone you love is threatened.

Watching the Pros

Of course, to get an idea of the sheer power and skill involved nothing beats taking in a live Muay Thai fight in Bangkok; Rajadamnern Stadium about 20 minutes from Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel is one of the most popular venues. If staying at a Siam hotel in Bangkok, you can also easily access the Lumpinee and Channel 7 stadiums for more action.

Why It Works

One of the reasons Muay Thai is so great for self-defence is because it employs a wide arsenal of “weapons”; your knees, elbows, fists and feet form eight points of contact which can be used in combination to keep attackers at bay. Elbow and knee strikes are particularly useful as are well-placed kicks.

Strength, Stamina and Self-Confidence

As you learn Muay Thai you improve your strength and stamina which also helps when you need to defend yourself. This, in turn, will invariably boost your self-confidence too, giving you a much-needed edge.


Kings Cup Elephant Polo Tournament – Gentle Giants in the Game

Watching sports is always an exhilarating experience, now; imagine watching your favourite animals play the same sport? Too cute to handle right, isn’t it? Elephant Polo games are the exact same.


Elephant polo is a kind of polo that is played while the player rides an elephant. The rules of the games are almost the same as the usual polo, but with a few added restrictions to make sure both the animals and players are safe during the game.


Elephant Polo was first played in Nepal, and even now, the Tiger Tops there is the headquarters of elephant polo and is also the location of the World Elephant Polo Championships.


Now, many places in South Asia conduct elephant polo tournaments too, and whether you are staying at a Siam hotel in Bangkok the likes of Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel or a Nepali hotel, you can find a place to watch it close by.


The association has a few rules to the game, and they are extremely strict about following them as harming the animals in any way during play can have them banned by the animal welfare organisations. Because of some countries breaking the rules and being cruel to the elephants, the Guinness Book of World Records removed all elephant polo records off their books.