Best Ways to Perfect Your Golf Shots – Practice, Patience & Perseverance!

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Golf, much like any other sport, requires lots and lots of practice. Even the most gifted of golfers in the world, got to where they are today due to long hours of hitting, chipping and putting the ball, perfecting their technique and training their minds as much as their bodies on ways to overcome the challenges posed at each hole.

What is key, however, is that one not just practice but practice with a purpose. While this may sound simple enough, it requires one to practice deliberately and have a systematic plan to push yourself beyond your normal level of play. Of course, this does not happen overnight and requires much patience and perseverance.

When it comes to perfecting golf shots it’s always good to have expert help. Sure watching related YouTube videos is good, but there is nothing like getting advice out on the green, where someone can actually watch you play and give you precise pointers on what you are doing wrong and how to improve. Many courses around the world now even have special academies where one can learn the fine art of golf. The golf academy at The Els Club Malaysia which features access to its Johor golf course is one such example where golfers can improve their game.

As part of perfecting your game, you have to make sure that you make a deliberate effort to play outside your comfort zone. You may be good at certain shots, but lack the skill for others. While you may choose to play it safe and hope to get lucky on the greens, chances are you will need to use that shot you haven’t mastered. The best way to overcome this is to keep practising these kinds of shots. Sure, you are going to hit a lot of bad ones, but failures they say are the pillars of success. And the more you practice, the better you will become.

Of course, apart from all this practice, one must ensure two things; repetition and consistency. The more you repeat practising a particular shot, the better you will become at it. Increasing the volume increases your ability and improves your skill set. In addition to this, do practice consistently, so that your body and mind get continuously trained and in turn, will help you perfect your shots.


Five on-course snacks to stay fit during golf rounds – Healthy treats for golf rounds

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Golf rounds can get pretty extensive, depending on the pace of http://Image Credit: The Els Club Malaysiayour partners and your general mood. Golf games can take a while to finish and if you’ve managed to last the entire game without eating anything, then bravo! However, if you’re like a majority of us, you will definitely need something to munch on while playing. Healthy snacks like the ones mentioned below will keep your tummy happy and full.

If you can survive till the end of the game though without any snacks, in Johor, golf courses usually have restaurants and cafeterias where you can sit down for a meal after an exhausting game, like the one at The Els Club Malaysia.

Garlic & Parmesan Edamame popcorn; this is high in protein and fiber and is packed in a small polythene bag. This is made of green soya beans, Parmesan cheese, garlic powder and olive oil. The green soya beans are baked and mixed with the ingredients to make this tasty light eat.

Roasted Chickpeas (sweet and hot); this is a spicy snack that pleases your eye as well as your taste buds. Chickpeas are a slow digest therefore it is guaranteed to keep you feeling full throughout your rounds. Made by baking chickpeas and seasoning it with chilli powder, sugar, smoked paprika, cumin and olive oil.

Apple Pie Spiced Wonton Chips; these are promising crispy treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. Made by adding apple pie spice, light brown sugar and a little bit of salt to wonton slices, the end product is finally baked for about 5 minutes.

Cucumber and cheese Sandwiches; these are little snacks, refreshing as it contains a great deal of water and is easy to toss into your mouth in between breaks. Made by spreading cheese filling (usually made out of herbed goat cheese and light cream cheese) with sliced up cucumber.

Lemon Hummus; made of intensely processed chickpeas and lemon juice. Hot sauce, olive oil and a little bit of salt will also be added for seasoning. This is high protein food thus is considered to boost energy levels during rounds.


Golf Hacks to Become a Master in the Game – Swing Away

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Golf is played in various parts of the world even though it is often regarded as a game of the west places such as Malaysia are also famous for the sport in the Asian region. Golf courses in Johor have been famous with both the local elite as well as expats. The golf playing community often stick to meeting at a designated golf club, one of the options available in the region is The Els Club Malaysia.

There are numerous ways to master the game and some of them are best-kept secrets. Well you can begin your tricks by walking to the course – known as toasting the ball – a warmed up ball stands a better chance of travelling a greater distance. A great hack if you play in colder climates. Another prep tip is to spray deodorant on your hands before the game. A plastic bucket could well protect your clubs than an expensive carry-on. Another tip is to put on your rain gloves even if it’s not raining. One of the oldest rules is to prep your club on a repair tool than on your hand to keep your hands clean to avoid any slipping later on during the game!

One tip is to carry an extra pair of laces in your bags as there is a high chance of busting a link while on course. A carpenter’s nail is a great way to clean the groove as well as it comes in handy as a ball marker. A snow brush in the trunk could also come in handy as a cleaning tool if the spikes had to forego a clean in the clubhouse. Another one for the game is probably regarded as the best towel trick ever. If there is a slight bend on your club’s shaft then rub a golf towel up and down vigorously this will heat up the shaft and allow you to straighten the bend.


Why You Should Fall in Love with Golf – It’s Not Just For the “Oldies”!

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When you hear the word ‘golf’, what comes into your mind? Most probably it will be an image of a bunch of senior citizens hanging out at the country club, hitting a few holes and talking about the good old days right? Well, you’re wrong. Golf isn’t just for the “oldies” anymore. It’s fast becoming one of the hottest games to play. Surprised? Here’s why you should fall in love with golf.

It makes the perfect sport to chill out with your buddies. Imagine escaping into somewhere exotic for a vacay and chilling out with your best pals while teeing off. Sounds good? A lot of people thinks so too that it’s fast becoming one of the latest trends in travelling. Many globe trotters are now booking holidays in places like Malaysia where golf retreats are totally the rage. In tourist destinations like Kuala Lumpur and Johor, a golf course has been given a luxurious upgrade with places like The Els Club Malaysia, adding fine dining restaurants and café to the whole experience.

It’s an Olympic Sport. Golf returned back to the Olympics last year after an astounding 112-year break! So, maybe you won’t get a gold medal but you sure can try your hand scoring a few strikes.

It’s a Gentleman/ Gentlewoman’s game. At one point we have all had the experience of a fight breaking out at a game when it gets too competitive. This almost never happens in golf. Sure, you can get pretty competitive in golf, but there are certain forms of etiquette that needs to be followed if you want to play it right.

It’s a great workout. If you’re a ‘lazybones’ who wants to avoid tough workouts at the gym, golf is the game for you. Golf courses usually cover about 30 to 200 acres. This means, that though you will be using a golf cart, there’ll be plenty of walking around and that will result in plenty of calories being burnt. Carry your clubs yourself and you’ll burn even more. With all that walking, carrying and not to mention the swinging, you’ll be burning close 1000 calories per game!

And finally, you can drink while you play! Need there be any other reason to love this game? Unlike all the other sports, golf gives you the chance to grab some drinks while you play. So, it’s plenty of swinging, good times!