Water Sports in Dubai – Wet and Wild

Dubai is one of Middle East’s buzzing cities and is a tourist paradise. Known world over for its Lavish ways the city also has exciting activities to keep your adrenaline levels up. One such activity is the water sports in Dubai.

Having countless things targeted at tourist it only becomes a question as to where to stay to explore this marvelous city. As one would know Dubai is associated with luxury and so are most of its hotels. One of the places to stay as recommended by past travelers is ,Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort and Spa. Located on the man made island of Palm Jumeirah this Anantara hotel offers great views of the Dubai coastline and is an excellent place to bask in the sun.

One of the popular activities in Dubai among tourist lately has been the water sports it has to offer. The water borne sports have become so popular that there are even water festivals hosted here annually.

Some of the famous water sport activities in Dubai include , Kite surfing , which is famous in one of the beaches dedicated to it , even though it takes few hours of training if one is into the fast paced activities this is perfect and also this may not seem a difficult task for sailors. There are experienced instructors at hand to make sure yo know your techniques before hitting the waters. Wind surfing is another activity that is quite a popular water sport in this part of the world, even though one purely depends on the wind and the sails for motion regardless of the fact that there is no motor involved does not mean there’s no speed.Wake boarding has been named as one of Dubai’s most exciting water sports as the adrenaline rush associated is unimaginable. Having said so it also requires an incredible amount of strength and stamina to even get started.

There are whole heap of other water sports in Dubai that are worth checking out.

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Water Sports in Nusa Dua – Adventure sport Hub

Nusa Dua is situated in the Southern tip of Bali and is a famous tourist destination. The beaches in Nusa are deep and sandy and are protected by a reef. This has always been a top choice for water activities among tourist. Nusa Dua boasts of many world famous hotel chains.

One of the other significance in Nusa Dua is the Bali international convention center, which is one of the world class conventions centers among the Bali convention center. Having state of the art facilities its perfect for tourist and business related conventions. Ideally locatedin the close proximity of the airport makes the center more accessible by tourist and locals alike.

The waters of Nusa Dua are famous for water sports. One can engage in many activities ranging from snorkeling , parasailing , diving , wind surfing among many others. The coral reefs surrounding Nusa Dua create the perfect environment to engage in such activities. There are various water sports centers spread across Nusa Dua , with trained professionals who will make sure you have a safe and great adventure.

The secure village is different from the rest of the Bali islands . Even though the island is filled with resorts and their private beached there is a stretch of public beach which is very quiet free from sellers and a perfect place to get away from the busy and touristy atmosphere.

Some of the other attractions in Nusa Dua and its surroundings are the sea temple of Uluwatu, the museum. Tanjung Benoa is another perfect location for water sports as well as local tour guides can take you to swim with the turtles.

Bali is the perfect get away for anyone who loves the sand and sea as well as a good Balanese massage and Nusa Dua is perfect for the best water sports activities in Bali.

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Water Sports in Maldives; Sun, sand and sea

Maldives is a heavenly beach paradise where there is less land and more sea and there’s something for everyone between the turquoise waters and the golden sun. If you are planning on an adventurous, fun filled holiday with a touch of romance and relaxation Maldives luxury hotels such as Huvafen Fushi Maldives is sure to make your dream holiday come true.

In Maldives there is no end to the fun things you do in water. While exploring the beauty of this paradise you can treat yourself with a number of once-in-a-lifetime adventures and a range of water sport activities. Every single resort in Maldives has a Sports Centre that provides a number of water sport activities such as diving, snorkeling, waterskiing, windsurfing, kayaking, kite surfing and surfing. Divers of all ages and ability are sure to experience an unforgettable diving experience exploring the magical views of Maldives. All dives are guided and divided into groups and diving gear can be hired from the Sports Centre or given free of charge. Also a variety of snorkeling excursions to experience the underwater world of Maldives can be of course an extremely thrilling and unbelievable experience. Even the journey to the reefs by luxury speed boat can be as exciting as the destination. You may also experience the pull in your hair by the wind and the touch of the sun on your skin as your carve through the waves. Fun is unlimited when waterskiing in Maldives. Windsurfing is another thrilling experience as you catch the wind in your sails and glide across the lagoon. You can paddle through the calm and clear blue waters of Maldives on the Kayaks available or leap like a dolphin over the water when you try kite surfing.

Maldives if the ideal holiday destination for beach lovers as they discover the sparkle of this magical island and add more sparkle to their life by engaging themselves in the variety of Water Sports Activities

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Phuket Water Sports – The Aqua Adrenaline Rush

Phuket is one of the most alluring islands in the whole of Southeast Asia. Adorned with an array of pristine beaches, Phuket is paradise for the water sport lover. There is absolutely nothing that you cannot try in the waters of Phuket. In nearly every single beach in the west coast you get all the necessary facilities to indulge in common sports such as snorkeling, jet skiing and wind surfing. But if you like an over the top dose of adrenaline head over to Nai Yang, Friendship or Layan. Boasting roaring waves and excellent wind speeds, these beaches makes the perfect locations to try out activities such as kite surfing, wake boarding and even Hobie Cat Sailing – if you are in Phuket in the right season of course-. Certain sports are very much dependant on the season.

To experience water sports at its best, trust the expertise of the Anantara Phuket Villas. With this Phuket Beach Resort all you have to do is tell them what you desire and they will make it happen. Gear, equipment and whatever training is provided all has to be of optimum quality while indulging in water sports and Anantara ensures that you are in safe hands as you ride the waves of Phuket.

Surfing is very popular in Phuket. In fact the islands west coast is an internationally renowned surf destination. The colorful underwater coral reefs topped with soothing warm waters makes the activity of snorkeling much sought out in Phuket. To further enhance your snorkeling experience head over to some of the small islands nearby. The latest fad in Phuket however, is kite surfing, since Phuket boasts stretches of shallow water, the sport is absolutely safe even for beginners. For those who like a kick of adrenaline while holidaying in Phuket, try out Parasailing, Wake Park and Wind Surfing. These sports will surely bring out the adventurer in you.

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