The Benefits of Playing Golf – Yes, Golfing is Good for You Too!

Golf is more than just a sport (as enthusiasts will be quick to tell you!) and those engaged in this majestic game can gain benefits from it too. Read on for more!

Effective Physical Activity

Golf may look sedate, but you actually get good exercise from it. Traversing an average course may require you to walk (if you don’t use a cart) more than five miles over diverse terrains. Of course, the act of swinging your clubs also offers a workout and you can lose some pesky calories too!

Increased Mental Wellbeing

Golfing can also help one relax, reduce anxiety and when the serotonin and endorphins levels increase, make you happier too! Part of this improved wellbeing is due to the idyllic backdrops of different golf courses; for example, one of the best things to do in Hua Hin for golfers is to play at the Black Mountain Golf Club; within easy reach of Avani+ Hua Hin Resort, it not only offers golfing challenges but stunning scenery to enjoy.

Great for Socialising

Golfing also offers ideal opportunities for socialising be it with family and friends or clients and business associates. Foursomes are quite popular in this regard and you can look to improve interpersonal skills, make connections and share in the love of this great game.

Can Play It Even When Old

Since golf is a relatively low-impact sport, you enjoy it even when you get old. Unlike high-impact sports, golfing doesn’t cause as much wear and tear to muscles and joints and there are comparatively fewer injuries as well.


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