The Benefits of Playing Golf – Yes, Golfing is Good for You Too!

Golf is more than just a sport (as enthusiasts will be quick to tell you!) and those engaged in this majestic game can gain benefits from it too. Read on for more!

Effective Physical Activity

Golf may look sedate, but you actually get good exercise from it. Traversing an average course may require you to walk (if you don’t use a cart) more than five miles over diverse terrains. Of course, the act of swinging your clubs also offers a workout and you can lose some pesky calories too!

Increased Mental Wellbeing

Golfing can also help one relax, reduce anxiety and when the serotonin and endorphins levels increase, make you happier too! Part of this improved wellbeing is due to the idyllic backdrops of different golf courses; for example, one of the best things to do in Hua Hin for golfers is to play at the Black Mountain Golf Club; within easy reach of Avani+ Hua Hin Resort, it not only offers golfing challenges but stunning scenery to enjoy.

Great for Socialising

Golfing also offers ideal opportunities for socialising be it with family and friends or clients and business associates. Foursomes are quite popular in this regard and you can look to improve interpersonal skills, make connections and share in the love of this great game.

Can Play It Even When Old

Since golf is a relatively low-impact sport, you enjoy it even when you get old. Unlike high-impact sports, golfing doesn’t cause as much wear and tear to muscles and joints and there are comparatively fewer injuries as well.


Water Sports in Hua Hin – Enjoy World Class Adventures on the Water

Often regarded as one of the most exciting activities visitors could enjoy in Hua Hin engaging in water sports is a rite of passage for all visitors exploring Thailand’s idyllic beach resort hub for the first time. Providing the best conditions the Gulf of Thailand has to offer the beaches and oceanscapes of Hua Hin are tailor made for a wide range of water bound activities. A luxurious resort in Hua Hin such as the Anantara Hua Hin Resort provides its clientele with some of the finest opportunities to experience water sports in the area including Hua Hin’s most popular water sports activity, kite surfing.

Reputed as the top kite surfing destination in all of Thailand, Hua Hin offer avid kite surfers and novices the chance to experience the excellent wind and water conditions conducive to the adrenalin pumping sport. Surrounded by islands that propel winds on to the region and calm, shallow waters the area is ideal for kite surfing tours as well as learning the basics of the sport for the first time. There are numerous kite surfing and water sports centres and schools in Hua Hin for those who are interested in expanding their water sports repertoire.

Other must-try water sports in Hua Hin’s stunning beaches include water skiing and body boarding. Visitors can also go on group banana boat rides around the coastline or hop on a Jet Ski or kayak to explore the scenic shores of Hua Hin at their own pace. Parasailing and surfing are equally popular water sports in the area which is also known as a canoeing and wind surfing Mecca. Those who wish to experience the top water sport activities available in Hua Hin should visit during the period between the months of December and April when strong winds prevail.

Sailing enthusiasts can also hire a yacht or boat and uncover the islands surrounding Hua Hin on sailing excursions. There are several boat operators in the area while marine life enthusiasts can try their hand at snorkelling in the shallow waters off the coast of Hua Hin where coral species and colourful marine life occupy underwater landscapes.

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Palms Hill Golf Club – Golf within the green

Among the hilly green backdrop sits the Palms Hill Golf Club , the golf course is unique that it is designed to challenge the competence level of golfers of all levels. It is designed by one of the best architects in the business and has all its hazards strategically placed in its eighteen hole championship level golf course.

Hua Hin Hotels are an excellent place for anyone looking for a great stay in this town . One of the noteworthy places to stay in Hua Hin would be Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa. Well manicured gardens and the infinity pool are the high light of this hotel. The rooms are designed to meet the requirements of any luxury traveler.

The Palms Hill golf Course is accredited world wide. Within the estate there is a golf club where one can enjoy a drink or a meal with fellow golfers and family. There is also a sports club with an outdoor children playing facility and also the club has an area where members can engage in various fitness activities. This club also has an indoor badminton court , tennis courts , swimming pool, squash courts , snooker tables and table tennis facilities.

Hua Hin area however has many other attractions in close proximity to the golf club such as the Hua Hin night market, which starts its activities after 6.30 pm. One could find all kind of vendors at this market. Another tourist attraction would be the “Chopstick Mountain” or the Tao Takiab, which is where one can find a hill top temple with some breath taking views of Hua Hin.

The region is also home to a few national parks such as the Kaeng Krachan National Park, Sam Roi Yot National Park and Tham Phraya Nakhon.

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Hua Hin Golf Festival – Tee Off at Hua Hin’s Festive Golf Season

Located in the Prachaup Khiri Khan Province of Thailand is the district of Hua Hin. This quaint district is known for its natural beauty and calm weather, making it an ideal destination for those seeking an outdoor vacation. The district is also home to renowned attractions such as Wat Huay Mongkol, the Hua Hin Beach, and the notoriously famous Spirit House of Brassiere Beach. Among the many Hua Hin hotels one that offers blissful accommodation and a host of luxury facilities is the Anantara Hua Hin Resort & Spa.

The district of Hua Hin is home to numerous golf courses and clubs, thus, making the sport of gold quite popular in the area. Although golf is played throughout the year in Hua Hin, enthusiasm for the sport grows immensely during the months of August and September each year, owing to the Hua Hin Golf Festival. This annual festival attracts golfers from all parts of the globe to Hua Hin, making the festival the ideal golfing season in Thailand.

The Hua Hin Gold Festival is an annual event held for the purpose of promoting the sport of golf and attracting tourists to Hua Hin, and thus far, the event has been a great success each year with hundreds of golf enthusiasts, both locally and internationally, make their way to the district to play golf. The festival is essentially the coming together of many of the best golf clubs in Hua Hin to create a month long golf extravaganza while offering greatly discounted fares and prices to enter the golf clubs. Thus, for a cheap price you will get a chance to golf in some of Thailand’s best golf courses, partake in exciting golf events, and interact with golfers from various regions of the world. Popular clubs and courses such as the Royal Hua Hin Golf Course, Banyan Golf and Country Club, and the Palm Hills Golf Resort and Country Club also partake in the Hua Hin Golf Festival, making it a truly fantastic event.

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