Water Sports in Pattaya – To Feel the Fury and Rush of the Great Blue Sea

She placidly gazes at the moody sea whilst seasons roll by and by and sings in her hoarse shore girl voice as her lovers on her beaches lie. Come feel the fierce rays of her golden sun on your bronzing back as you cut through the salty breeze on her rolling white tipped waves to the rhythm of the high seas. Rest a while on her white beaches, forever cleansed by the great green ocean, then rush in to battle the wicked wild waves and fight till they surrender. The water sports fanatics may call this land their home, this place where it is forever summer, Pattaya Thailand.

Pattaya provides a perfect setting to indulge in water sports with its location, weather as well as facilities. Tourists from all over the world gather on its beaches and paint a colorful picture of summer. Here, sand castles are built, bare backs are tanned and quite importantly, adventure happens.

Many hotels in Pattaya provide the equipment and the training needed to indulge in water sports, hence even the absolute beginner need not worry about being left out. Apart from the hotels scattered all over the city, many other private sports clubs too provide reliable services to those who wish to brave the waters.
Diving is a popular water sport in Pattaya which is an ideal dive destination year round owing to its weather. One may wish to do scuba diving, to explore the 4 wreck dive sites and as well as the many small islands up close. Lose yourself in the great blue world with the help of the many dive centers around the area and gather memories to cherish for a life time.

Snorkeling is another favorite sport in Pattaya where you see the beautiful fish gleam in the waters below as you float gazing in to the unknown below.

Jet skiing and wind surfing are also on offer for the ones who love the passion of the sea. As the waves grow bigger and the speed accelerates the adrenaline rush is for sure felt! The crash and fury of the sea of Pattaya must be experienced indeed. And then when you grow tired from the exertion of the adventure, you could sail on the deep waters either yachting or sailing, to relax while listening to the soft splashing of the baby waves.

Many a serviced apartment in Bangkok offers day trips to the Pattaya beach so tourists can get the maximum from their holiday. An ideal area to consider staying at if enjoying water sports conveniently is Sathorn. Apartments too are available for all budgets in this district and offer comforts and luxury in a truly Thai style. If you are looking for star class accommodation at a centrally located apartment, consider Somerset Park Suanplu Bangkok, which is about an hour’s drive from the Survarnabhumi International Airport.

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