Women’s Posture and Core Conditioning – Sit up!

No matter how old you are, or who you are, all of us are striving to improve our health and lifestyle in some way every single day. Read on to find out how to begin.


Women’s bone health starts deteriorating after the age of 30 if they don’t take care of themselves well. Osteoporosis is a serious issue in our generation, and something as simple as correcting your posture will help you put it off a few years.

How to Combat

Weight training has been scientifically proven to help women strengthen their core and bone density. Any personal trainer in Toronto can help you begin you weight training sessions with a guided eye, and if you want a more personalised session, you can always opt for a trainer at First Class Personal Training.


Before you opt for any workout that conditions your core, do a lot of research on it. Learn what’s best for you, based on your physical and medical history and do consult your doctor before you sign up for weight training.


There are many different kinds of workouts out there, each on specifically designed to target an issue or part of your body. Choose what’s best for you.


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