Busting the Biggest Nutrition Myths – The things you’ve Heard aren’t True!

Food is the substance that fuels us and gives us the energy to carry out our daily tasks. There are a number of myths revolving around the world of food and some of these even restrict us from enjoying them. Let’s look at some of them and see how far these myths are true.

1. Fresh fruits and veggies are healthier than frozen

This is one of the myths that can be claimed completely wrong as some produce ripen and their sugar content tent to increase and this makes the nutrient content to deteriorate so on the contrary as fruits and veggies are frozen immediately once they are harvested their nutrient content is preserved.

2. Coconut oil is incredibly good for health

This is popular misbelieve as coconut oil is, unfortunately, a saturated fat and of high cholesterol levels which is definitely not got for you if take in large quantities, however taking it in a controlled and amounts will be good for you and is recommended by many dietitians.

3. Snacking is bad

Often misunderstood by many snacking can be a healthy habit too. It all comes down to what you are eating as your snack. As long as you don’t stuff yourself with greasy and fried snacks, eating little and often has proved to prevent energy crashes between meals.try to much a granola bar or a slice of apple with peanut butter or have yogurt with some fruit this way you can enjoy snacking and lead a healthy life.

4. Eating carbs will make you buffy

A big no! Carbohydrates are an essential part of your diet and ideally, they should make up one-third of your diet. Carbs come in two varieties refined and whole, here the refined one lacks in fiber and other nutrients present in the whole ones so cut down the intake of refined carbohydrates and take in more whole grains/carbohydrates.

Remember a healthy diet is a key to maintaining a fit and perfect body remember the above facts and train with a first class personal trainer in Toronto at first Class Personal Training.

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Women’s Posture and Core Conditioning – Sit up!

No matter how old you are, or who you are, all of us are striving to improve our health and lifestyle in some way every single day. Read on to find out how to begin.


Women’s bone health starts deteriorating after the age of 30 if they don’t take care of themselves well. Osteoporosis is a serious issue in our generation, and something as simple as correcting your posture will help you put it off a few years.

How to Combat

Weight training has been scientifically proven to help women strengthen their core and bone density. Any personal trainer in Toronto can help you begin you weight training sessions with a guided eye, and if you want a more personalised session, you can always opt for a trainer at First Class Personal Training.


Before you opt for any workout that conditions your core, do a lot of research on it. Learn what’s best for you, based on your physical and medical history and do consult your doctor before you sign up for weight training.


There are many different kinds of workouts out there, each on specifically designed to target an issue or part of your body. Choose what’s best for you.


Dietary Methods – Create your Own Healthy Diet Plan

Instead of relying on generic diets set forth by magazines or other health resources considering your own body’s needs and problem areas to create a healthy eating ritual is also an empowering experience. Here are some tips on creating a tailor made diet plan just for you and meeting your personal goals for weight and health management.

Benefits of a Personal Diet Plan

Comprehend the advantages of following your own eating plan as opposed to following one that is laid out in a health publication or one that is part of other programs devised for the masses. Creating your own diet plan puts you driving seat of your health and eating habits and prioritizes your needs above all else.

Consider Your Personal Diet History

Those who have tried and failed at various diet fads over the course of their lives also need to check in with their own diet history and consider why certain diets worked for a short period before you gave it up.


Exercise is also crucial and dieters can enlist the services of First Class Personal Training and any other personal trainer Toronto counts among its top fitness experts for both consultations regarding your diet plan and exercise routines to follow while on the diet.

Food Preparation

Measure carefully and control portion sizes when preparing food and consider how much protein, carbs and fats you are including in your meals.


Biggest Nutritional Myths – Nothing but the Truth

When it comes to being healthy and nutritional, there are many facts, and then some myths that do lead us down the wrong path.


The most popular myth is something we hear from people around us every day. Especially for the acne prone teen, the myth that chocolates cause acne is hard to ignore. Science has proven that chocolates, in fact, do not directly affect the acne on your skin, on the other hand, some chocolates might end up being good for your skin too!

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When it comes to exercising and dieting, there are so many articles on the internet that it overwhelms a reader. Some people in Canada are known to hire people for in home personal training in Toronto, after reading the many things online and not being able to find a clear routine. For those who need a guide in workouts, but don’t want to go to a sweaty gym, places like First Class Personal Training, for instance, is the answer.


They say having mini meals instead of three big meals can help with weight loss, but this has been called out for being a myth.

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Snacking may help you crave the bigger meals, but it does not rev up your metabolism and help with weight loss like you would imagine.