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The Art of Muay Thai for Self-Defence – Prepared to Face the Unexpected

If you’re a fan of the Karate Kid movies or even the Kung Fu TV series, you know that martial arts are not all about offence, but providing an ideal means of self-defence too. This is also true for the traditional Thai martial arts known as Muay Thai.

Be Prepared

In today’s day and age, you never know when you will face a situation where self-defence will come in handy, be it against one person or many. Muay Thai equips you with the skills to defend and attack if needed if ever you or someone you love is threatened.

Watching the Pros

Of course, to get an idea of the sheer power and skill involved nothing beats taking in a live Muay Thai fight in Bangkok; Rajadamnern Stadium about 20 minutes from Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel is one of the most popular venues. If staying at a Siam hotel in Bangkok, you can also easily access the Lumpinee and Channel 7 stadiums for more action.

Why It Works

One of the reasons Muay Thai is so great for self-defence is because it employs a wide arsenal of “weapons”; your knees, elbows, fists and feet form eight points of contact which can be used in combination to keep attackers at bay. Elbow and knee strikes are particularly useful as are well-placed kicks.

Strength, Stamina and Self-Confidence

As you learn Muay Thai you improve your strength and stamina which also helps when you need to defend yourself. This, in turn, will invariably boost your self-confidence too, giving you a much-needed edge.


Diving in Oman – The Finest Dive Sites

Oman is the world’s oldest independent Arab state, so there’s a lot of heritage to explore. In addition to history, Oman also has a range of marine wonders for budding divers to experience.

Daymaniyat Islands, Muscat

If you’re a fan of turtles then this is definitely the first dive-site you should consider. These are a selection of very rocky islands situated at the north end of Muscat, and are a notable nesting site for turtles. There are also lush coral reefs with plenty of captivating marine-life to explore.

Carapace, Marine Turtle, Ocean, Sea, Sea Turtle

Bander Khayran Muscat

There’s a series of remarkable dive-sites located here, and is one of the best places to explore shipwrecks. Al Munassir is a three-hundred foot vessel that was sunk by the government to serve as an artificial reef, and is definitely a noteworthy attraction to explore.

Mirbat, Salalah

The secluded capital of southern Oman is one of the most beautiful places in the country, and therefore you won’t be surprised to discover many a beach resort in Salalah. Pretty much all of these resorts, such as Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara would offer diving related experiences. The small bay of Mirbat is probably the best dive-site Salalah has to offer.

Lima Rock, Musandam

This is one of the most enigmatic dive-sites since the ocean has eroded the rocky landscape to form a network of caves that are now inhabited by schools of various kinds of fish.


Golfing in Hunter Valley -Golfing in the oldest wine region

Golf in the modern world is an almost elite sport that is enjoyed by both men and women. If you are looking to get away from your local golf club and get into some golfing in some exotic locations, then look no further than hunter valley.



Humber Valley Golf

Humber Valley Golf | Img. By Golf NFLD (Own work), CC BY-SA 3.0  or GFDL via Wikimedia Commons

Hunter Valley is just a 2-hour drive from Sydney but amongst the foliage, it can feel like a world away. Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to the picturesque and world famous, vineyards, while still staying close to the city.



Hunter Valley Resort

Hunter Valley Resort | Img. By: [Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort]

If you’re an international visitor planning to go to Hunter Valley golf courses, there’s a bounty of world-class resorts for you to choose from such as the Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort.


The golf course

Golf Course, Hunter Valley

Golf Course, Hunter Valley | Img. By: [Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort]

Hunter Valley Golf boasts a six thousand meters long Par-71 course that will provide a challenge for even the most experienced golfer. There are plenty of events that take place in Hunter Valley weekly where anyone can join local golfers for a friendly round or host exclusive corporate events.


Explore the area

Hunter Valley Golf Courses

Hunter Valley Golf Courses | Img. By: [Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort]

So if golf is your sport of preference, take a trip to Hunter Valley where you can improve your game while being encompassed by breath-taking views of rolling hills, tree-lined fairways, and expansive lakes.



Roland Lefevre is a travel writer who specializes in creating features on leisure as well as business travel destinations across the globe. Google+

Best Ways to Perfect Your Golf Shots – Practice, Patience & Perseverance!

Els Performance Golf Academy

Image Credit: The Els Club Malaysia

Golf, much like any other sport, requires lots and lots of practice. Even the most gifted of golfers in the world, got to where they are today due to long hours of hitting, chipping and putting the ball, perfecting their technique and training their minds as much as their bodies on ways to overcome the challenges posed at each hole.

What is key, however, is that one not just practice but practice with a purpose. While this may sound simple enough, it requires one to practice deliberately and have a systematic plan to push yourself beyond your normal level of play. Of course, this does not happen overnight and requires much patience and perseverance.

When it comes to perfecting golf shots it’s always good to have expert help. Sure watching related YouTube videos is good, but there is nothing like getting advice out on the green, where someone can actually watch you play and give you precise pointers on what you are doing wrong and how to improve. Many courses around the world now even have special academies where one can learn the fine art of golf. The golf academy at The Els Club Malaysia which features access to its Johor golf course is one such example where golfers can improve their game.

As part of perfecting your game, you have to make sure that you make a deliberate effort to play outside your comfort zone. You may be good at certain shots, but lack the skill for others. While you may choose to play it safe and hope to get lucky on the greens, chances are you will need to use that shot you haven’t mastered. The best way to overcome this is to keep practising these kinds of shots. Sure, you are going to hit a lot of bad ones, but failures they say are the pillars of success. And the more you practice, the better you will become.

Of course, apart from all this practice, one must ensure two things; repetition and consistency. The more you repeat practising a particular shot, the better you will become at it. Increasing the volume increases your ability and improves your skill set. In addition to this, do practice consistently, so that your body and mind get continuously trained and in turn, will help you perfect your shots.