Exercise Techniques to Reduce Injuries – Healthier Alternatives to Common Exercises

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Exercise is one of the healthiest activities a person can indulge in, yet it can also be one of the most dangerous. To a great extent there is no such thing as bad exercises, but if one were to not carry them out with the right form and techniques, they have the potential to cause serious harm, or at least have no beneficial effect at all. In most countries there will be services where you can have trainers conduct classes in your own home, such as First Class PT one of many places with the best personal trainers Toronto has to offer.

A great alternative exercise for the shoulders would be the single arm lateral dumbbell raise, which is much safer instead of the usual barbell high row. When doing this, place your feet parallel with your shoulders, and your hips and spine in a neutral position. While maintaining a slight bend in your elbow, raise the weight till your wrist and hand is at level with your shoulder. Then slowly lower it to the starting position.

One of the best abdominal workouts you can do is reverse crunches, which provide a lot of support to crucial areas such as the spine. While lying on your back, place your hands under the edges of your pelvis. Then, while maintaining a very slight bend in your knees, raise your legs above your hips so that your body is at a fairly L-shaped angle. Once this is achieved, transfer most of your body weight to your upper body while raising your tailbone from the floor. Then slowly reach as high as you can with your legs while pushing your hips towards your head. Then slowly return to the starting position by laying your tailbone back on the ground and returning your legs to a bent position.

There are many such exercises that are more effective and healthier counterparts, so it’s always best to do some research, or enlist the help of a professional.

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