Water Sports in Doha – ‘Make a Splash’

Doha being the capital of Qatar is one of the busy cities in the country. Filled with picture perfect beaches hugged by the glorious oceans, this is a haven for water sports. Either you are trying to polish your skills or learn a whole new activity; this is the ideal place for you. Here are some of the most popular water sports in Doha.


This is the best way to explore the surrounding vegetation and enjoy the tranquil breeze. Both single and double kayaks can be hired from your hotels or tour providers on the beach.

Boat cruise

Boat cruises are offered by most 5 star hotels in Doha or in the surrounding islands such as Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara. This is an ideal way to enjoy coastal surroundings and the glorious shoreline of Doha.

Charter cruise

This is luxury ocean voyage in a boat for you and your family. Charter cruises are again offered by resorts in the area and is the ideal luxury sea journey with fine dining and live entertainment.


The pristine waters surrounding Doha are packed with colourful and exotic marine life and the ideal area for snorkeling. Visitors may engage with professional diving centers to learn diving and snorkeling. Resorts and other service providers allow hiring snorkels as well.


Water Sports in Doha – The Ultimate Treat for the Adventurous Souls

One of the many outdoor activities one could enjoy in Doha is its water sports. For any adventurous soul, Doha offers one of the most exquisite water sports experiences. A perfect holiday in the Middle East could be defined by a stay at one of the luxurious villas in Doha coupled with the exciting water sports it has to offer. Banana Island Resort in Doha by Anantara is one of the few resorts known to offer many such water sports. The Banana boat ride has become one of the most favorite water sports in Doha allowing 5 – 6 persons to enjoy a fun filled bumpy ride across the ocean. It’s a thrilling ride on an air filled banana shaped floating boat which guarantees excitement and fun for kids and adults alike.

For the ones who love a calm and quiet boat ride with the sea breeze in your hair, the boat cruise along the Doha coast will be an experience remembered. It offers a tantalizing and breathtaking view of the mighty ocean kissing the shores of Doha. Things get a bit more serious if you are interested in sailing the high seas of Doha and even sailing races are organized for the ones with the gaming spirit. Fishing trips are a bit more adventurous, rewarding the skilled sailor. Time sure flies when you’re out fishing and you even get to enjoy your own catch. There are many places around Doha that even offers fishing and sailing lessons for the beginners. A variety of fish could be caught including crabs. The local barracuda are also among the favorites list. Kayaking is also one of the loved water sports in Doha. Its unique ability to allow an intense workout while allowing the rider to enjoy the bliss of the waters at the same time makes it the eye catcher.

Doha is a paradise for water sports lovers and the adventures never stop.


Water Sports in Doha – things to try out in Doha

Water sports are among some of the most fun things to try out while in Doha. Water rides are thrilling and involve a great adrenaline rush that most sports fanatics crave. There are many water sports and rides available such as wakeboarding and banana boat rides, which are steadily growing famous with locals as well as foreigners. Banana boat rides tend to be a massive hit with children because of their easy and fun nature, while waterskiing and wakeboarding are perfect ways to glide across the cool waters at high speed. There are also less conventional activities such as the “floating trampolines” activity, where you can bounce on trampolines that are set out on the water. It is therefore not uncommon for many a hotel in Doha such as the and others, to offer many water sports as part of their leisure packages.

Fishing is a relaxed and much loved recreational activity which both locals and tourists take part in. You could choose from a wide variety of fishing boat rides, and choose how far and for how long you would like to ride for, as well. The fishing expeditions could go on for about four hours, and at least eight people could easily be accommodated on the boats that set out with enthusiastic anglers. For those who wish to experience luxury fishing boat rides, that is available too.

Kite surfing and parasailing are both extreme adventure water sports which involve a certain level of skill in both balance and swimming. These sports will give you an adrenaline boost like no other. For those who are not so confident about their skills in the water, leisurely swimming is a sure fire way to both enjoy the day while relaxing in the cool waters and to hone your skills, be it in the shallow waters just off of the beach, or in a beautiful infinity pool.

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Learn to Scuba Dive While in Doha – life under the waters

Although many inexperienced travellers tend to think that Doha is hardly the place for water sports. Surprisingly however, they will soon realise that it is not so. With its impressive geographical location, Doha offers many scuba diving courses to travellers. Diving in Doha is no longer an impossible task.

Whether you are an amateur, expert or even a first-timer, it hardly matters in Doha. The diving experts will teach you the art. The very first step is to observe how others scuba dive. And then ask yourself if you are fit enough to try out your first step of diving. If you do not feel fit enough yet, do not take the first step – however much expert your coach could be. Take the first step, only if you are fit. Places such as Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara offer coach services as well as diving gear.

If you already have diving qualifications but out of touch, you can still refresh your skills by signing up for a PADI certified course. Once you are certain of your fitness, take that first step to explore Doha’s underwater.

You have already seen how fast the divers are when they first enter the waters. But you need not be that fast. Slow your pace and make sure your disturbance to the marine life is minimum. When you slow your pace and floats leisurely, the waters will remain calm. This is the moment when you can see miscellaneous types of marine creatures appearing into your view.

When you go down Doha’s waters, you will be in for many surprises. Not to mention mere schools of brightly coloured fish, but you will also come across abandoned shipwrecks only if you have patience to slow down. That patience is rewarding, as you will not be easily tired and be exposed to many interesting things under water.

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