Power of Yoga – Ancient Indian Knowledge in Action

The collective of mental, physical and spiritual practices known as yoga is more popular than ever around the world, largely due to the benefits they bestow upon the practitioner.

Image Credit - Exodus Gym

Image Credit – Exodus Gym

Improved Brain Function

The physical postures involved in yoga can greatly improve cognitive function, which would increase memory and focus. Hatha yoga is particularly popular for this reason.

Anxiety Relief

Practicing yoga results in a release of many positive hormones and endorphins, which results in the decrease of anxiety and a spike in positive emotional feelings.

Improved Sexual Function

By indulging in yoga, women can boost their libido, orgasm intensity, and overall sexual satisfaction. This is why it’s no surprise that one can even find yoga classes in Wellington offered by various entities such as Exodus Gym.

Stronger Bones

Yoga is particularly beneficial to older individuals since these moves can help increase bone density. This is will prove to be exceptionally helpful to them in avoiding injuries commonly sustained by old people, and even maintain their mobility.

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Muay Thai Boxing – Traditional arts

Like every martial art form, the Muay Thai Knee Strike has precise steps and movements to be followed, to get the most out of just one hit.


Muay Thai is the nationalized sport and cultural warlike art of Thailand and its origin dates back centuries. This martial art form was created to make the whole body a weapon during combat. Every move and pose make sure you defend yourself from your opponent while you strike back with fatal blows.


The actual facts of Muay Thai’s history were lost when the Burmese attacked Ayutthaya back in the 14th century but legend says that during this martial art performance, every part of the body mimics a weapon of war.


According to many trained kickboxing Wellington trainers the likes of Exodus Gym, the ultimate goal of this move is to not punch your opponent’s head, but for the punch to go through his or head, so use force.

Things to keep in mind

Although your knee is the focal point of your strength during this move, it is important to remember that just pushing your knees forward is not as powerful as when it is combined with your hip thrust.

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Benefits of strength training

Changing one’s lifestyle overnight is not feasible but we have a few tips and routines for you to make the transition to a healthier lifestyle, starting today.

Weight Strength Training| Img by: ThoroughlyReviewed via Flickr,CC BY 2.0


Strength training is important as it builds muscle mass in the body and burns fat faster. As you age, you tend to lose muscle and bone density, and this kind of workout can make sure you don’t lose either one.


Almost everyone thinks of big muscles bulky men when they hear these words, but that’s not the case. Before you start any workout plan, do consult your doctor and get his advice on what can be or cannot be done.

How to begin

You can work out using dumbbells, resistance bands or strengthening bands. If you are a beginner, don’t go for the heavy fitness equipment right away, work your way up the weights.

The workout

The exercises should work out the arms, legs, shoulder, hip, back, chest and abdomen, and they are usually divided into upper and lower body routines.

Why you should workout

Inactivity is a serious addiction that we must all fight on a daily basis as the temptation to skip exercises and just watch TV after a day’s work is hard to resist by many. It is important to begin exercising with a guide and if you are looking for fitness in Wellington there are many choices the likes of Exodus Gym.



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