This is Why You Should be Playing Golf – More Than Meets the Eye

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Golf in Malaysia, Image Credit: The Els Club Malaysia

For those who have never played golf, the sport may seemingly lack a sense of excitement, a sense of camaraderie or even a sense of challenge. But for those who have played this noble game, who have lived and breathed it, and have experienced the thrill of the drive and nerve-wracking sensation of watching one’s putt near the hole, golf offers a one of a kind rush that is quite unique. You don’t have to be a pro to get pleasure from it either. Those from 9 to 90 years of age can all enjoy golf and apart from it being lots of fun, there are some benefits from it as well.

One thing is that golf offers great exercise. Though you may see people nonchalantly walking about the golfing green on TV, make no mistake there is quite a lot of ground to cover. Yes, it is true that the golf buggy or cart can nullify the exercise one can get, but then again you can easily forgo such transport and use your feet to get around. Playing a full round of 18 holes and walking from hole to hole is a good cardio workout and in fact, one can end up walking for about four miles or more. Golf is also a super way to appreciate the great outdoors as each course offers something different to experience.

Be it by the coast, amidst mist-shrouded mountains or even in an urban jungle, golf courses around the world each have their signature elements, perfectly blending in with their natural or city surroundings. Planning a golfing holiday is an ideal way to experience the distinctive settings of these courses. Apart from America and Europe, Asia too has plenty of exceptional and breathtaking courses. The Els Club Malaysia is amongst the latest courses that golfers can try in this part of the world, providing plenty of opportunities for golf in Malaysia.

Apart from exercise and outdoor settings, golf is also a great sport for bonding. There is nothing like golf amongst family or friends, no matter the age, to spark some friendly competition. This camaraderie and bonding can also be fostered with business partners and clients as well. Playing a round of golf can really break the ice, bring people together, and provide an opportunity to talk business in a more relaxed and informal setting. However, don’t forget that one of the great things about golf is that it is challenging as well. It is so much more than a sport of hitting a ball into the hole. It requires skill, patience, persistence, planning, proper technique, precision and not forgetting luck too! It is the kind of sport that can drive you on to better yourself, while providing an unforgettable day out.

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3 Secret Golf Tricks You Should Know – Handy Hints to Help Your Game

As, many golfers will testify to, while the sport can be wonderfully fulfilling, it can also lead to those moments where you want to hurl your golf club onto the nearest tree or water hazard! For those who have faced such instances, or for those who quietly seethe inwards, patience and persistence are key for calming yourself down before approaching the next hole. Of course, it always helps to have some handy tips that can help improve your overall technique. Be it those planning to golf in Malaysia at such courses as The Els Club Malaysia or at famed USA courses like the Pine Valley Golf Club in New Jersey, here are some golf “tricks” that can help you the next time you tee off.

When on your downswing, avoid straightening the right knee and remember that your trailing knee should be kept flexed. A rigid stance can cause your whole approach and swing to go off course as it were and as you would expect, this leads to improper contact with the ball.

The wrist plays an important part in the swing. When at the top of your swing many golfers have their wrist hinged which is good. However, what some tend to forget is that they should look to maintain this hinging of the wrist right up to the point of impact on the swing. Having the proper angle and wrist position will do wonders for your swing and overall game.

Last but by no means least; don’t forget the importance of proper head rotation during your swing. Remember that during your backswing it is vital that your head isn’t rigid but part of one fluid movement where rather than looking over your shoulder, your head should rotate in sync with your shoulders.

Of course, these techniques and tips can’t be learned overnight, so remember to practice, practice and practice!

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Some of best golf players of all-time – The Golfing Greats of the Modern Age

Golf is a sport with a lot of history, since it spans back all the way to an early precursor of the game during the days of the Roman Empire. The game also has an incredible amount of etiquette involved too, making Golf a true gentleman’s sport for its very refined qualities as well as the exclusive nature of the game as it is greatly reserved for those with a certain level of privilege. Golf courses appear in many forms, but even the arenas of the game are usually quite luxurious and indulgent. It is not uncommon for golfers to travel internationally to indulge in their favourite sport. Golf in Malaysia is particularly renowned, with many places to choose from such as The Els Club Malaysia.
Speaking of international Golf, perhaps the first real world-travelling golfer was Gary Player, who could’ve had a lot more mainstream victories under his belt if he wasn’t focused on taking part in many varieties of tournaments all over the world. At the end of his career, Gary Player had 9 majors in his 24 PGA wins as well as a hundred victories from other tournaments world-wide.
Many would claim that Jack Nicklaus is the greatest golfer of all time. By age 26, he become one of the biggest names in Golf. He has the most recorded major wins, with 18, and he also placed second in 19 further majors.
It might come as no surprise to you that Tiger Woods is probably the greatest golfer of the modern age. His recorded major wins are four less than Nicklaus, but Woods managed to claim these victories during a more demanding era in Golf, and many veterans claimed that Woods at his best is better than Nicklaus at his. Tiger Woods also has received an immense amount of recognition, and contributed to Golf becoming fashionable and relevant where before his arrival, it was a fairly obscure sport.

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A Highlight on the History of Golf – an endearing sport that has spanned centuries

The game of Golf, once regarded as an elitist sport, has slowly spread all over the globe, to become one of the most popular sports ever. From its humble beginnings in Europe, it has made its way across continents and captured the hearts of many in Asia. Golf in Malaysia, for example, has spread to every corner of the country, with big championship level golf courses, like The Els Club Malaysia, earning international recognition.
However, there was a time when it wasn’t so loved; in fact, according to historians, it was even banned by the Scottish Parliament in the 1400’s because it was said to interfere with archery practice, which was necessary for protecting the land. The origins of the game of golf are vague and highly debated. Most believe it stems from ancient Rome, where a game called paganica, involved hitting a leather ball with a bent stick. While others cite a game called ‘chuiwan ‘in China as the root. A Ming Dynasty scroll depicts members of the imperial court hit small balls into holes with what appeared to be golf clubs. Whatever the origin, the modern version was created in Scotland and eventually spread throughout Europe.
The first known golf course on record is Musselburgh Links, in Scotland. The first courses were chiefly built across ‘link lands’, soil covered dunes that were located in front of beaches. This is where the term “links course” originates from, and is still used today to describe the same kinds of courses.
Golf is played according to strict guidelines that were put into place in 1754, with an underlying principle focusing on fairness throughout the game. In addition, there’s a set of guidelines known as golf etiquette which concerns safety, the pace of a game and a player’s responsibility to chip in to the maintenance of the course. Although there are no penalties for any etiquette breaches, players follow the rules to ensure everyone enjoys a good playing experience. This, at the end of the day, is all a golfer really wants from a game.

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