Learn to surf in the centre of Bangkok – fun filled experience in the heart of Bangkok

Learn the art of surfing in the heart of Bangkok. A place frequented by locals and foreign visitors alike, the Flow House is considered as an urban beach club that offer the fun filled beach atmosphere to the city. The only one of its kind in Bangkok, visitors are given the opportunity to enter the facility free of charge and open daily from 10 am to midnight. Travellers touring Bangkok could find accommodation at a luxury resort Bangkok has in store and base their excursions from there. Resorts such as Anantara Bangkok Riverside Resort & Spa are located in the vicinity of the Flow House.

The beach club gives amateurs & experienced surfers the chance to engage in surfing. A great hangout spot for everyone who wishes to just relax & spend a day with friends or family, delectable food and drinks are also available at the venue. An amalgamation of wakeboarding and surfing, the ramp with a thin sheet of paper simulate a breaking wave providing the adrenaline junkies the thrill they are seeking for. Practice those flicks & grabs and the children visiting the Flow House can jump straight in with a body board. Friendly staff at the venue is more than willing to help often correcting the posture & encouraging the riders. Most visitors who range from 8- 48 years could book the outlet for one hour or two where they can make the most of their experience flow riding with friends or a group of riders assigned during the session. After a fun filled session of flow riding you can dine at The Chang Surf Bar and savour Thai delights created by Chef Noi Tammasak or quench your thirst with beach cocktails, beer towers and make the most of daily promotions & happy hours. Spend an hour or two full of laughter, taking pictures creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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Lumpini Boxing Stadium – the art of boxing – Thai style

Being the National Sport in Thailand, Muay Thai, is a reverting, exciting, extremely challenging and expert sport. Thai Boxing has been popular from before the 18th Century. It was and is still regarded an honour to be a Muay Thai fighter, especially if you are a Lumpini or Ratchadamnoen Stadium Champion.

The Lumpini Stadium was opened in 1956 on the 8th of December, almost a decade after the establishment of the Ratchadamnoen Stadium. Managed by the Royal Thai Army, Lumpini Stadium holds Thai Boxing matches on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. It is one of the very few places in Thailand where betting is allowed and the stadium crowds up with fans, spectators, gamblers – all of whom are ardent Thai Boxing followers.

The boxers differ from International boxers in that they are usually of a lighter weight category and also because Muay Thai Boxing allows eight points of contact with the opponent. Kneeing, elbowing, kicking as well as the traditional punching is allowed in this sport making it the sport of eight limbs. A typical match evening consists of ten matches each with five rounds which last three minutes. These three minutes are three of the fastest, power packed, enthralling, and adrenaline rushing minutes a participant or spectator will ever experience.

The continuous playing of traditional local music, the yells and cheers from the spectators all contribute towards the overall experience to be gained on a typical match day at the Lumpini Stadium.

Champions of this game are highly respected and Muay Thai Boxing is a preferred method of earning money in Thailand. The Lumpini Stadium provides all facilities for the boxers, their trainers and spectators.

For those visiting Thailand and wanting to get a taste of a truly local experience, a similar boxing bout at the Lumpini Stadium is a must. During your visit if you wish to have the luxury of comfort and privacy then opt for Bangkok serviced apartments which are fast becoming the popular accommodation choice for both businessmen and leisure travelers. If you are looking for Sukhumvit accommodation of this kind, then consider Anantara Baan Rajprasong Bangkok with its luxurious amenities and well thought out facilities.


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Water Sports in Pattaya – To Feel the Fury and Rush of the Great Blue Sea

She placidly gazes at the moody sea whilst seasons roll by and by and sings in her hoarse shore girl voice as her lovers on her beaches lie. Come feel the fierce rays of her golden sun on your bronzing back as you cut through the salty breeze on her rolling white tipped waves to the rhythm of the high seas. Rest a while on her white beaches, forever cleansed by the great green ocean, then rush in to battle the wicked wild waves and fight till they surrender. The water sports fanatics may call this land their home, this place where it is forever summer, Pattaya Thailand.

Pattaya provides a perfect setting to indulge in water sports with its location, weather as well as facilities. Tourists from all over the world gather on its beaches and paint a colorful picture of summer. Here, sand castles are built, bare backs are tanned and quite importantly, adventure happens.

Many hotels in Pattaya provide the equipment and the training needed to indulge in water sports, hence even the absolute beginner need not worry about being left out. Apart from the hotels scattered all over the city, many other private sports clubs too provide reliable services to those who wish to brave the waters.
Diving is a popular water sport in Pattaya which is an ideal dive destination year round owing to its weather. One may wish to do scuba diving, to explore the 4 wreck dive sites and as well as the many small islands up close. Lose yourself in the great blue world with the help of the many dive centers around the area and gather memories to cherish for a life time.

Snorkeling is another favorite sport in Pattaya where you see the beautiful fish gleam in the waters below as you float gazing in to the unknown below.

Jet skiing and wind surfing are also on offer for the ones who love the passion of the sea. As the waves grow bigger and the speed accelerates the adrenaline rush is for sure felt! The crash and fury of the sea of Pattaya must be experienced indeed. And then when you grow tired from the exertion of the adventure, you could sail on the deep waters either yachting or sailing, to relax while listening to the soft splashing of the baby waves.

Many a serviced apartment in Bangkok offers day trips to the Pattaya beach so tourists can get the maximum from their holiday. An ideal area to consider staying at if enjoying water sports conveniently is Sathorn. Apartments too are available for all budgets in this district and offer comforts and luxury in a truly Thai style. If you are looking for star class accommodation at a centrally located apartment, consider Somerset Park Suanplu Bangkok, which is about an hour’s drive from the Survarnabhumi International Airport.

Play Golf in Bangkok – Enjoy Golf in the Tropics

Bangkok maybe one of the most compact cities in the world and yet it has made room for around 60 golf courses. Amidst the shiny temples, noisy streets and markets there are some great locations for golfers to explore. Whether you’re on vacation or on business golf is an interesting game to play. Bangkok has one of largest number of world-class courses. Most of the courses are well maintained and offer exemplary service to their guests. The club houses are modern and chic inclusive of well-equipped gyms, steam rooms, restaurants, bars and other facilities. The golfing packages are very impressive; there are multi-destination offers, beginner’s lessons and even excursions on the PGA championship courses.

Bangkok was one of the fastest growing hubs of golf in Asia. In fact there are several international tournaments that were played on Thai soil. The attraction of golfing in Bangkok is the perfectly tailored environment in which the courses are constructed. The landscaping is out of the ordinary; the tropical plants and plains are different to those found in the US and Europe. An avid golfer will be engrossed in the different challenges posed in such an environment; the exotic trees, temperature and the texture of grass create variations in the speed and angle of the shot. Also, the weather conditions in Thailand are perfect for golf because of its consistency.

Golfers will simply love the varied courses in Bangkok and even those not interested in the sport will be drawn to the beauty of the course and the activities in the club house. The club houses are a perfect getaway for families and couples because they are away from the hustle and bustle of the city. These premises are simply ideal for business meetings, an evening cocktail, fine dining or a fusion lunch.

Visitors who plan to spend time in the golf course can stay at a property of any luxury hotel group nearby. If you are interested in impeccable service and a cosy environment then check out an award winning hotel. Of all the available options, COMO Hotels and Resorts are nearest to the golf clubs and recognised as some of the best hotels in the region.